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Eerie Abandoned Olympic Venues Around the World

2016 Rio Olympics - Closing ceremony - Maracana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 21/08/2016. Fireworks explode during the closing ceremony. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The Olympics are an energizing time. We watch the amusements and root for our nation’s illustrative competitors as they go for gold and endeavor to be the best on the planet. To be recompensed the title of host city for either the late spring or winter Olympics is a significant privilege which requires forever and a day of arrangements. What we see on the TV is regularly splendid, sparkly new cutting edge offices which house the different donning occasions amid the diversions. What we don’t frequently see are the exceptionally same offices, years after the fact, which have gotten to be keep running down, relinquished and in genuine conditions of decay. This dim side of facilitating the Olympic amusements frequently goes unmentioned yet numerous urban areas still game the scars of recreations past. Here are a portion of the relinquished Olympic structures which are as yet remaining far and wide today:

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia -1984 Winter Olympics

In 1984, the city of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) facilitated the Winter Olympic Games. Numerous relics still remain around the nation today, similar to this Olympic decoration platform.

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia -1984 Winter Olympics

This solid track in Sarajevo was utilized as the toboggan track for the 1984 Olympic diversions. Despite everything it remains today however nowadays it is secured in graffiti and congested with weeds.

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia -1984 Winter Olympics

This abandoned ski jump was the setting for many of the ski events during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Though the jumps are still intact today, they haven’t been used in decades.

Beijing, China -2008 Summer Olympics

Beijing, China was the site of the 2008 summer Olympic Games. The most infamous structure, the “fowls home” or Beijing National Stadium was to be utilized for wearing occasions after the diversions wrapped up yet now sits unused, with the exception of traveler visits.

Beijing, China -2008 Summer Olympics

During the 2008 summer games, this stadium was the site for the men’s and women’s volleyball championships. Today the stadium sits boarded up in a sad state of disrepair.


During the 2008 summer recreations, this stadium was the site for the men’s and ladies’ volleyball titles. Today the stadium sits barricaded in a pitiful condition of decay.

Beijing, China -2008 Summer Olympics

This concrete park in Beijing was the site of the Olympic kayak oceanic focus. Today the site is surrendered however the words”One World, One Dream” still surround the track.

Athens, Greece -2004 Summer Olympics

Athens, Greece played host to the 2004 summer Olympic games and the government spent a reported $15 billion in preparation for the games. In the end, the government went over budget, and today most of the expensive structures are no longer in use.

Athens, Greece -2004 Summer Olympics

The aquatics focus in Athens, Greece was the site of numerous Olympic swimming and jumping occasions amid the 2004 summer amusements. Today the office sits relinquished and rundown.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy -1956 Winter Olympics

This broken down ski hop in Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of a couple of relics as yet remaining from when the Italian city facilitated the 1956 Olympic winter amusements.

Munich, Germany -1972 Summer Olympics

The city of Munich in Germany facilitated the 1972 summer Olympic diversions. These diversions were dominated by the awful Munich slaughter in which 11 competitors and a German cop were executed by a psychological oppressor bunch. Today the relinquished Munich Olympic Train Station remains as a grave indication of the 72? Olympic diversions.



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