Best Places to Visit in Wales

Best Places to Visit in Wales

Wales shares an excellent deal of history with rest of Great Britain, however the rugged great thing about its landscapes and also the open nature of its inhabitants build it a distinctly unique travel destination. For first-time guests, the foremost obvious difference between Wales and also the different lands in the United Kingdom is that the tongue-twisting Welsh language. While everyone speaks English, a part of the fun of visiting Wales is learning many phrases of one of the oldest languages in Europe. Besides its Celtic culture, the country is additionally noted for the large numberof imposing castles. Wales’s scenic mountains, valleys and coastlines are even as attractive, and no visit to Wales is complete without a long tramp through one amongst its gorgeous national parks. An overview of the best places to visit in Wales:


AberystwythKnown by the locals as “Aber,” Aberystwyth is an historic university city located on the West Coast of Wales. With 7,000 students attending school in Aberystwyth every year, it’s no surprise that the city is additionally a preferred vacation destination for kids as proven by the city’s more than 50 pubs. The seafront options charming Victorian architecture with a large promenade wherever guests will sit and absorb the sun. Perched atop one of the surrounding hills are the remnants of a massive Iron Age fortress. The remains of the first Norman castle built in Wales can be found in Aberystwyth too.


Located in northern Wales, city of Caernarfon is best known for its 13th-century castle, which is considered one of the most effective preserved fortresses in all of Wales. Though the castle was built as a royal palace moreover as a military defensive structure for Edward I, the inner buildings and apartments have well-nigh disappeared. The defensive murder holes, gates, portcullises, towers and walls survive, however, giving guests a clear understanding of what lengths the English had to take to hold off the Welsh. King Edward’s son was born in Caernarfon and named the Prince of Wales, and the northeast tower now showcases the Prince of Wales Exhibition.


Hay-on-WyeHay-on-Wye could be a village on the River Wye, terribly near the English border and among the borders of Brecon Beacons National Park. The National Book city, with at least two dozen bookshops, Hay-on-Wye is perhaps best referred to as the situation of a prestigious annual Festival, sponsored by the Guardian newspaper. The Festival explicit in 1988 and these days attracts 80,000 individuals annually to discuss to discuss the arts with well-known writers, philosophers and other artists.

St. David’s Cathedral

Located within the town of St. David’s in Pembrokeshire county, St. David’s Cathedral could be a stunning example of religious architecture in the Middle Ages. The patron saint of Wales, St. David was a Welsh bishop of the Catholic church throughout the sixth century and was buried within the site’s original structure. Construction for the present cathedral was begun within the 1180s using purple-colored sandstone. currently a part of the Church of Wales, the Norman cathedral homes varied treasures, as well as 800-year-old bishop staffs gilded with gold, 13th-century silver chalices and a 1620 edition of the Welsh Bible.

Brecon Beacons National Park

Named when the combine of nearly 900-meter (3,000-foot) hills settled within the heart of the park, Brecon Beacons options a landscape of rolling hills, rocky river valleys, grasslands and water meadows. The park is dotted with archaeological remnants of Wales’ long history too, as well as Neolithic cairns, Bronze Age standing stones, Iron Age forts and crumbling Norman castles. The parkconjointly contains varied underground caves and delightful waterfalls, as well as the Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall where guests will walk behind a curtain of water. The National Park Centre located near the city of Brecon is a good place to start explorations of the park.sgwd yr eira

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