Best Things to do in Boston

Best Things to do in Boston

Attractions in Boston, Boston is a historic city, with old colonial buildings, a long history, and a strong link to the founding of the country. Bostonians are very proud of their city and show their Boston pride any chance they can. Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. One stop, former meeting house Faneuil Hall is a popular marketplace. Though one of the biggest cities in the country; it has more of a large town feel to it than that of a metropolis.

Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is not to be missed. It feels like you are stepping into a grand European monument, the marble is just incredible. Every day there is a free one hour tour of this must see the library. The main building is a must do in Back Bay area. The library is not the first thing you think about when touring. But this place is both a living library and a museum. The architecture is amazing. There are memorials to soldiers. There is a cafe within the library and adjoining it. They have great online resources as well. These are all the Attractions in Boston.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library

This museum is beautifully done and so much information and Attractions in Boston. This is a fun and easy excursion from Boston on public transportation. The museum is very detailed and does a great job of conveying the optimism. You will not leave disappointed. Also, the gift shop has some great souvenirs, so don’t bypass it. They also have discounts (student, etc.), if you are buying at the door. Prepare for at least half a day here, even more, if you are a JFK fan or history buff. The location and building were beautiful.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

There is a large selection of merchandise relating to Boston’s history. The Attractions in Boston is great for kids and adults. Museums can be boring but stories will not. The way the story is told with the reenactments and the film and going on the boat is a great way to find out more about an important period in history. A must do when you are in Boston. The hologram shows are very well done as was the film of the battle. There’s a tea room after the tour which is an interesting option from the usual gift shop.

New England Holocaust Memorial

Don’t miss the New England Holocaust Memorial whilst walking the Freedom Trail. The structure is like a piece of art, not just a monument. Spend some time to remember the atrocities that were committed and say a prayer for the victims. If you have the time, definitely stop by and walk through this memorial attraction in Boston. This is one of the Attractions in Boston you could see while walking the Freedom Trail.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The place is just amazing Attractions in Boston. This place has a huge collection of pieces. Many of the pieces are very eccentric and fun to see. There is a beautiful garden in the center of the museum. The “palace”, the original building that Gardner designed and had built is amazing. The atrium is exquisite. Audio tours are available for $4, and there are volunteer docents around to answer questions. Considering this collection is one person’s life work, it is worth the time to take the tour. It is also next to the Museum of Fine Art, so it’s easy to see both on the same day. Allow for about an hour to tour the museum.

Old North Church

Attractions in Boston, Old North Church is peaceful and built elegantly. It’s a great to visit and see the architecture. And it’s also worth for the time to go and see for yourself. This is an epicenter of the American Revolution. The lovely walkway leads from the street to the church. It is beautiful to see, but if you have a few minutes it’s worth taking the time to step inside. It is nice to see as it is a part of American history, but it takes only five minutes. It’s free. You can take a picture outside and a look into a beautiful church.