How to Spend fantastic 5 days in Sicily

How to Spend fantastic 5 days in Sicily

If you like history, beautiful beaches, fine wines and delicious cuisine, you’ll fall in love with Sicily. This island, that is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, offers all of these things, and plus so much more. Sicily, for example, is home to Mount Etna, one of the active volcanoes in Europe. Indeed, there are such a big amount of things to see and do Sicily that you just can probably need at least 5 days in Sicily so as to completely explore and get to understand this wonderful island and its individuals. To help you plan your tour of Sicily, check out the following sample itinerary.


Palermo (2 nights)

The best place to begin your exploration of this wonderful island is in Palermo, the active capital town of Sicily. You’ll be able to simply spend 2 days exploring this town, particularly its Old citycenter, where you’ll notice the majority of Palermo’s attractions. You will not wish to miss the Palermo Cathedral, a fantastic 12th-century Norman church encompassing a large variety of architectural styles.

Then there are the Capuchin Catacombs, where you’ll be able to stroll past mummies in varied states of decay. Yhis can be a stimulating and alarming way to see a unique aspect of Palermo’s history as you’ll be able to view the various styles of clothing that the bodies are buried in. As for souvenirs, Palermo’s open-air markets are a good place to travel rub elbows with the locals out shopping for fresh produce and seafood or to search for local handicrafts.

Monreale (stopover)

On your way out of Palermo, head up Monte Caputo for a stop in Monreale. Here, you will find the magnificent Monreale Cathedral and cloisters. This cathedral, which was constructed between 1174 and 1185, is famous for the splendid golden mosaics that cover the interior of this building. The Monreale Cathedral is, in fact, considered by many to be the finest example of Norman architecture in Sicily. If you have the time, make sure to climb up to the roof of the cloisters, which offers magnificent views of the surrounding area and the bay of Conca d’Oro.


Erice (1 night)

Your next stop ought to be Erice, that is an ancient city that sits high atop Mount Erice and overlooks town of Trapani and also the stunning Mediterranean sea. If you like medieval architecture, you’re going to completely love Erice, that is that the site of palaces, ancient temples, fortified walls, stone streets and large number of churches. Erice is additionally known for its delicious pastries and almond biscuits. It’s additionally where you’ll find the shop of one of Sicily’s most known bakers, Maria Grammatico.

Agrigento (1 night)

Agrigento is home to at least one of Sicily’s most known and well-liked attractions, the Valley of the Temples. This large site contains eight ancient Greek temples that initiate to just about 510 BC and 430 BC also as the ruins of other buildings and roads. The remains of those Doric temples are considered of by several to be a number of the most effective preserved Greek buildings within the world. Because the Valley of the Temples is so large, you must positively devote a full day to exploring this site. And, if attainable, try and leave a bit time to explore the Archaeological Museum, which contains more than 5,500 artifacts.