Lamu Island Travel Guide

Lamu Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline. The city of Lamu’s Old Town district dates back to the 14th century and is an exceptional example of life during the middle ages. Ancient structures constructed with coral and wood still line the district’s winding pathways. When it comes to accommodations on Lamu Island, guest houses that contribute part of their profits to community projects have the best.

Lamu Town

Intermixed with palm-tree-shaded courtyards are cafes that supply the flatbread of life chapattis and tea. Tourists flock to Lamu Island to expertise what life was like in Kenya centuries past. The island has become an academic and religious center for the study of Kenya’s cultural heritage likewise. born-again from a British Colonial structure, the Lamu museum invitations guests to explore the Bantoid language culture, as will the Bantoid language House museum that showcases an example of the inside of a standard eighteenth century BSwahili home. The exhibit includes separate quarters for men and girls likewise as a ceremonial death bed chamber.

Lamu Island has no made-up roads and just about no motorcars. a part of the fun in an exceedingly visit to Lamu Island is that the probability to travel just like the locals: on donkeys. Sailing vessel sailing vessels provide opportunities to explore different islands within the earth, as well as snorkel diving and diving excursion close to Manda, Pate and Kiwayu, the region’s most pristine island.



Lamu Island options multiple scenic beaches. Situated at the northern finish of the island, Shela Beach is that the most well liked. A brief leisurely stroll from the city brings you to the white sandy beach wherever native vendors sell samosas from dawn to fall. There’s nothing quite like ending each dayon Lamu Island sipping a turnover whereas get pleasure from a fish caught recent on the beach.

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