Top Six Hotels in Taiwan

Taiwan hotel

San Want Hotel

San Want Taiwan hotel is a full services class act by any events; professional uniformed staffs are always outside and inside all public areas, friendly, pleasant and eager to serve.  The hotel has many restaurants and surrounded by hundreds of restaurants within 10 minutes’ walking distance. The dining room is for the extensive and excellent breakfast.

Hotel Midtown Richardson

Hotel Midtown Richardson is one of the best Taiwan hotels; this hotel is located within walking distance to Ximending, which is a popular shopping district. Besides, there is a police station, so there is nothing would actually go wrong, it’s a safe place to stay in Taiwan. The room is new and well maintained by hotel management. The hotel staffs are very friendly to their visitors. The room is spacious and the beds are very comfortable. The hotel is conveniently located next to the MRT so getting anywhere is pretty easy.

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei

Mandarin Oriental Taipei is the newest Taiwan five-star hotel with all the facility, brand new and well maintained. There are few hotels in the world that achieve the level of comfort, care, and quality achieved by the Taiwan hotel. The hotel itself is an architectural achievement with no expense spared. If you go to Taipei often, tried all the SPG or small boutique hotels you should definitely try Mandarin Oriental for once. The hotel is about 45 minutes from Taoyuan airport, and 15-20 minutes from Taipei high-speed rail station. It’s worth every penny for what it has to offer the Beautiful and high-quality room. It makes you feel very comfortable during your business trip. The staff is incredibly professional.

Grand Hyatt Taipei

The Grand Hyatt Taipei hotel is an exceptional hotel in Taiwan. The rooms are very comfortable and the amenities are great.  They had a great staff and locations are easy to walk around and unwind.  The Grand Lounge is well worth, the breakfast and dinner buffets are legionary. They make you feel comfortable enough that you feel you are at home.  The hotel has Friendliest and professional staff. The Taiwan hotel is located in the heart of Taipei and connected to Taipei 101 with a bridge. This made it easy to get to food and other amenities within minutes. Hotel is also located in close proximity to the MRT rail station, making it so simple to get to anywhere in the city.

Howard Beach Resort Kenting

If you are very busy boring work just wants to go to Kenting, then relax south of the border is a very good choice. This Taiwan hotel is located in the sail stone to the goose luan nose next to a road “Po Road” Bed. The breakfast is a large area of a large grassland, you can see the sea and grassland relative scenery, watch the sunset it can be deep experience the Murakami Haruki a book “border west of the south of the sun”, that the moment really feel that the body and mind have been released just a few days of rain, but when the sunny weather in Kenting, it will not be very hot wind blowing over the cold look by the wind blowing over of the prairie really comfortable.  It took just 5 minutes’ walk to Kenting Main Street.  It is easy to access to beach from hotel underpass.

Cosmos Hotel Taipei

Cosmos Hotel Taipei is a very nice Taiwan hotel and it is located in great location. The hotel also provides a breakfast every morning. It may be slightly expensive due to its location but it is still worth it saves you the trouble of looking for the taxi if you are staying away from Taipei Main Station. The hotel is in a great location of this hotel in Taiwan, right beside the shuttle bus station, MRT, and the HSR also. You can go anywhere with convenience.  Many taxis are waiting in front of the hotel, good location for a quick trip to one of the night markets.

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