Top Things to do in Washington D.C

Top Things to do in Washington D.C

Attractions in Washington D.C are lot to mention. This is the U.S. capital, and a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. It’s also home to iconic museums and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center. Attractions in Washington D.C., is an interesting place. There is a lot of incredible and diverse food in D.C., cool bars, and a lot of history, museums, and monuments. D.C. is an eclectic and fun city.

Top things to do in Washington D.C are the following:

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a must see when you visit Washington D.C. It might not seem like much…a very large and very beautiful statue in memoriam of a great man of history is one of the attractions of Washington. Take the time to wander around and soak in the atmosphere of the monument and of the man, a politician of rare humanity. The monument is amazing and the view across the reflecting pool, just beautiful. The little gift shop has a fabulous selection of items including many wonderful books about American history. Definitely, must see it at night and during the day light. The lighting at night completely changes it.

National Gallery of Art

National gallery of arts is the one of the Attractions in Washington D.C. The National Gallery of Art has collections of great European and American art which could take weeks to see. And it’s free. The National Gallery of Art is not your typical art museum. They have all of the presidential portraits you have ever seen. They have an amazing collection of impressionist art and you must see the statue gallery. The grandeur of the West building and the richness of the European collections are really first class. It is nice to walk around this building.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

This is one of the very appealing things about the war memorials in Washington, D.C. is how different each one is from the others. The Korean Memorial is no exception. Best Attractions in Washington D.C is to visit if you want to get great pictures in the morning, less crowded. You can learn a lot about the memorial very much interesting. It is quite a beautiful depiction of soldiers from the War. It may not be talked about as much as the other war memorials, but don’t miss seeing this on your trip to Attractions in Washington D.C.

National Air and Space Museum

Attractions in Washington D.C, If you are a fan of aeronautical history or more modern modes of flight, this place has something to interest most people. National Air and Space Museum has lots of collections of planes, from the Wright Brothers flyer to military aircraft, to commercial airlines and space capsules, the museum encapsulates a trip through the history of man’s need to conquer the skies. There is some cool interactive activates for the kids as well. A great place for the whole family and give you plenty of time to see all the exhibits. Space is generally better than the aerospace and it’s worth doing a little research before you arrive. This is, without a doubt, the most spectacular aviation museum in America. This is also one of the Attractions in Washington D.C to see in this museum, from old time flight through to modern flight.

Library of Congress

This place is worth to seeing only for Thomas Jefferson’s personal library exhibit. There are plenty of other things to see in here as well. You learn so much more about the building and history with each visit. The building is fabulous and the rotating and permanent exhibits are well worth the time. All building is looks wonderful and if it’s located in the Capital building then you can get the underground tunnel across, which is cool and means you don’t go through security again.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vetnam Veterans Memorial is another Attraction in Washington D.C; this memorial is very humbling as you walk through. Truly it’s a memorial to see and honor all those who sacrificed their lives, in the Vietnam War. Most amazing things, there are still names with a single cross that shows that they are still missing in action. The reflective quality of the black marble used is a wonderful tribute to those who died. The best is renting the bikes next to the Lincoln Memorial and enjoy the ride.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The history of the Holocaust is told in print on boards by displays. The arrangement of the displays is in chronological order, which helps to understand how this tragedy happened. There is a lot of attractive things to do in United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, so you will need at minimum two hours to see the entire museum. If you want to find out how the world failed several classes of people, the museum will accomplish that goal. The free admission is much appreciated; no line and special exhibitions are free admissions as well.


The Newseum is amazing and it is designed around the 1st amendment and changes all the time. There is great information and helps thinking about both the past and current events. The Holocaust film is a must see. It’s presented in a very interesting way. This Museum is a tribute to the First Amendment, and to the hard work and dedication of those who work in the News business. If you do not like to read placards or know in-depth history, then this is not the place for you.

National World War II Memorial

This is a must see with beautiful sculptures and fountains get a picture of the Washington Monument from here. This place is around a pool and there are writings on each wall to picture or just read. If you care about the past and want to get into the atmosphere/mood and feel what this country had passed through, then this place is a must see Attractions in Washington D.C. The views surrounding the memorial make it a perfect destination.