Travel to Dehradun

Travel to Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital town the recently formed state Uttaranchal. It’s one of the oldest cities in India. Myths and legends still do rounds in this land. You also avail references of Dehradun even in the scriptures of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

A travel to Dehradun would take you to a land where a number of the premier educational institutes are settled. But there are several traveller attractions too in Dehradun. The mountainous beauty complete with lofty hills, wooded valleys, highland streams, caves and a temperate climate is an enduring lure for traveling to Dehradun.

Pay a visit to Tapkeshawar Temple, Sahastradhara, Tapowan, Forest Research Institute, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in your travel to Dehradun.

Forest Research InstituteIf you have a penchant for wild lives, head for Rajaji national Park as you travel to Dehradun. Myriad number of wild flora and fauna would charm you

for sure. Another reason to travel to Dehradun is that the city serves as the gateway to reach the several tourist attractions in the Garhwal Himalayan region.

Shopping in Dehradun

Who needs to return from a tour without shopping for souvenirs or gifts for friends and relatives ? If you’re looking forward to a good looking in Dehradun before returning from the tour, the town wouldn’t frustrate you.

Uttaranchal includes a tradition of handicrafts. Dehradun being the capital of the state has smart market places. So you will be able to simply find the specialties of Uttaranchal within the markets of Dehradun.

Paltan BazaarLike all the Himalayan regions, Uttaranchal is additionally wealthy in forests. Abundance of wood has been the reason of exquisite woodcrafts prepared by the native artisans. Check out artifacts and utilities fashioned out of wood, bamboo and cane while shopping in Dehradun.

Woolen clothes mostly made by the Tibetan girls also popular items for shopping in Dehradun. Warm and beautiful sweaters, cardigans, shawls at dirt-cheap prices are on the market at the markets around the year. Local painting and ornaments may additionally feature in your shopping list in Dehradun. There are many places for shopping in Dehradun. But Paltan Bazaar area, lined with various shops is the most popular haunt. You may also hang out at Rajpur Road and Ashley Hall areas.

Image by krupal,paulhami,Fred Hsu Under Creative Common License.