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Places to Visit in North America

There are so many unique places one can visit when planning a trip. There are cruises to rainforests or quick plane rides to mysterious destinations. However, if you live in North America and you want to find something close to home, there are two East Coast cities you must visit ASAP. Asheville, North Carolina is […]

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Grand Canyon

The Awe-Inspiring Grand Canyon – One Place That is on Everyone’s Bucket List

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder that must be visited to be appreciated. Located in northern Arizona, the National Park is well known for its overwhelming size and colorful landscape. Indescribably beautiful, the distinguishable landmark is absolutely without a parallel in the world. Sprawled across 1,217,403 acres and measuring around 270 miles in length, […]

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Sweet Cruises

Sweet offer eco-friendly lesbian travel that aims to unfold social awareness and build a difference within the world by combining vacations with charity work. All Sweet’s cruises are carbon neutral. Guests are invited to participate in local volunteer programs at every destination. Activities embody beach cleansing, stray animal care, visiting colleges and orphanages and orphanages […]

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Tenerife and the Canary Islands

If you’re not sure where the Canary Islands are, then look on a map to the left of North Africa. They are not far off the coast of Morocco, but belong to Spain. And why “canary”? Well, it’s not because of the birds – they were named after the islands. It’s either to do with […]

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The Best Streets Foods in Italy

Luckily for guests, Italian merchants are bosses at making fast and tasty sustenance for by nothing. From the port towns where new fish is heaped into paper cones to claim to fame fricasseed olives loaded down with meat Stigghiola This Sicilian sustenance strength is predominantly found in the city of Palermo, and guests here hoping […]

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