People call me Chewy. Want to know why? It’s a pretty long story. Well, actually it’s quite a short story but I just don’t feel like telling it. Maybe later? Probably not though. Doesn’t that make you want to know it more?

Mine was a life spent playing it safe and living by my own rules until I decided to move overseas rather than succumb to the drudgery and monotony of graduate school. Then it was one whirlwind adventure after another and I’ve never looked back since then. Until I went to graduate school – but I did that in a different country too! That’s just how I roll…

Travel Times Mag is all about one thing – partying overseas. It’s a great big world out there and sometimes it’s just reassuring to know regardless where you are out there, you can find a way to relax with a few sips of the local flavour. That’s where I come in. I weigh in on places to go to party, talk to people who like to have a good time and words of wisdom to keep everyone safe and still rockin out. I’ll even share the odd tale from the road of mine… but only if you’re lucky.

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