What is up hommies!?


Do you have an AWESOME party story from your travels? Or even about your hometown where others travel?

Well we want to hear them and share them with other drunk idiots! So please, feel free to contact us at the email address below for submitting your own TravelTimes story.

Feel free to ask us any questions about travel and partying as well!

High Fives… Safe drinking and travels 🙂


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We also provide reviews for travel related products and destinations! Word.


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    1. Dear Chewy – The Travel Times,

      Travel to Singapore and throw a party be it a wedding or celebration just the way you like it. But who do you call for catering and set up? Come and see and taste what my client has to offer by way of new concepts and international award-winning dishes.

      Mileage is a local PR agency and our client would like to invite the Editor or representative to attend the media briefing cum gala. However, I could not reach you via the telephone as it was not listed on your website. I wonder if you could provide me the name and email including the telephone number to reach the Editor, please? We would like to email the invite over today.
      Thank you.

      Warm regards,
      Jacqueline Ho
      Senior Consultant

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