5 Places Perfect for a Winter Holiday

If the stress of the office is getting to you than now is a great time to take a winter vacation. Consider one of these 5 places when planning your perfect Winter Holiday.

The West Indies

Travel to the West Indies and experience the magic of a beach break in Antigua. If you are a golf enthusiast this is a great place to play and the area offers up several world-class courses with resorts attached to them. If you just want to relax on the beach, try Turtle Beach and Crystal Cove in Barbados. You can also hire a boat and cruise along the coast and experience snorkeling or diving in the pristine, crystal clear, waters. Be sure that you make time to take a walk on the South Coast Boardwalk that runs along the ocean. There are plenty of sights to see and great restaurants to eat at or just grab a cold refreshing drink and people watch.


Experience the thrill of a luxury vacation to St Petersburg, Russia. This city named after Peter the Great was founded in 1703 and it is the cultural capital of Russia. Be sure to check out the stunning architecture of the Church of the Savior on Blood, the Winter Palace, and Moika Palace. Experience the thrill of watching a world class opera, ballet, or music concert at the famous Mariinsky Theatre. Russia is famous for its truffles, caviar and mushrooms so be sure to dine on some of these fabulous delicacies.


Taking a food tour of Vietnam is the perfect winter holiday. Vietnamese food is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy,salty, and sweet with a hint of French influence. Take a ride on the back of a motorbike and experience the thrill of sampling the best street venders in Ho Chi Minh City or travel to a village and take a cooking class. Some of the treats that you must experience are Pho: a rich beef or chicken soup with meat, noodles, and vegetables; Bahn Mi: a meat and vegetable sandwich on a fabulousFrench baguette; and Goi Cuon:amix of meat, vegetables, and coriander served in a translucent rice wrap served with a rich peanut sauce. Vietnam is the perfect place to escape to in order to enjoy some Winter sun.

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Take a break from your day-to-daystress and experience the thrill of skiing down the runs at a world-class resort in the French Alps. Paradiski and Les Trois Vallees are both in southwestern France and train from Paris or London can access them easily. Les Portes du Soleil is close to the Swiss border and you can easily drive or take a shuttle from the Geneva Airport. Be sure to finish up your day of skiing by relaxing by a fire eating the world class food that France is known for. Alternatively you can explore the famous Burgundy region or the Loire Valley.


Embrace the cold of winter and try a dogsledding expedition in Finland. You can travel above the Arctic Circle, take in the spectacular scenery of this wondrous winterland, and catch a view of the northern lights. You can learn how to use the sled in less than a day and you get to help take care of the dogs along the way.

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