Atlantic Hospitality: 5 Outstanding Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss During Your Trip to New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has plenty of things going for it and offers a diverse range of things to see and do, which makes it a great vacation destination.

Here are five of the best of those attractions to put on your itinerary when you are planning a trip.

Take a stroll along the famous boardwalk

If you were to take a vote on the most popular coastal resort town on the Northeastern coast or the rest of the U.S for that matter, there would be plenty of votes cast for Atlantic City.

The famous boardwalk is an iconic attraction and taking a walk along the promenade that stretches for about four miles should be on your must-do list during your time in New Jersey.

There are plenty of attractions to enjoy besides the boardwalk itself in Atlantic City so you might want to check out some of the resorts and have some fun on the Steel Pier, which is magical old amusement pier that easily rivals Coney Island for fun.

Head south for Cape May

If you like to feel the breeze and enjoy far-reaching views of sandy beaches and the sea then you are spoilt for choice in New Jersey.

Right at the southernmost tip of the state, you will find the attractive Cap May area.

The attractive properties, some of which seemed to have changed very little since the town was established by wealthy residents back in the 18th and 19th century, are a major draw for visitors who love the postcard views.

Other things to do here apart from admiring the scenery include stepping on board The Yankee, a large schooner that can take you on harbor tours or out to sea for some whale-watching, or spend some time walking around the Emlen Physick Estate, which is a magnificent building as well as a museum.

A top historical site

You will always be able to find good accommodation in New Jersey that you can use as a base for exploring the area, like the Fairfield Inn & Suites Paramus, for example, and one of the must-see attractions on your list should also be Princeton.

Famous for its university, Princeton offers tours of the iconic establishment along with a visit to Princeton Battlefield State Park, which was credited as the location for the battle where Washington achieved victory over the British.

Plenty of open spaces to explore

Another top attraction in New Jersey is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

The Delaware Gap covers over 70,000 acres and a highlight within the area is the spectacular views of the Delaware River that you get from various vantage points.

There are a couple of visitor sites and numerous trails to follow so you should be able to plan a route and enjoy a great day exploring.

A serious rival

The iconic Niagara Falls is often mentioned when waterfalls are the topic of conversation but Paterson Great Falls is a worthy rival if you like spectacular water features.

If you make your way to the footbridge that spans the Falls Gorge you will be afforded an awesome view of the Paterson Great Falls and feel as well as see the forces of nature at work.

Whatever you decide to do in New Jersey you won’t be short of attractions to enjoy and first-class entertainment.

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