Things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai attractions

Shanghai is a place abundant of the energy of and excitement and no shortage of interesting things to do. There are some beautiful Shanghai attractions to visit in the city, those show the real spirit and culture of the Shanghai city.

Shanghai attractions

The entire city is filled with full of enjoyable and explorable things, making it one of the favorite holiday destination ideas. Here are some Shanghai attractions that every one might find a bit different to visit, but they are some fine places to visit.

Fuxing Park:

If you are looking for a moment of calm and peace on your way to visit Shanghai attractions you might find the Fuxing Park in the city as a great deal. The park has a bit of touch in French era. The entire park is an exuberance of culture.

Shanghai attractions

The park will be lively when you see the children flying kites, people dancing and singing for the music played by the traditional instruments and you also find some practicing Calligraphy. This is the only place in all the Shanghai attractions that you find in harmony every day.

Jing’an Temple:

One of the most famous temples in the Shanghai, there are three big halls in the temple.

  • Hall of Heavenly Kings
  • Mahavira hall
  • Three Sage hall

For the worship of the Buddhist monks, every year on the 8th Lunar day of April, they celebrate Buddha’s birthday according to their traditional fair.

Shanghai attractions

In the temple, there are many beautiful paintings and some Calligraphy works, displayed in the hall of Buddha relics, and a masterpiece of the bronze bell made during Ming dynasty. These works made the temple as one of the Shanghai attractions.

Bustling Alleyways:

Almost all the alleyways of the Shanghai you expect them to be decorated in front of shops and the atmosphere is lively. The shopping area will be the best part and it will be mostly of French demanding.

All these alleyways are located in Tianzifang, stuffed with bars, craft shops, and food stands. All the shoppers look for the bargains heavily in this area. With the busy atmosphere and fine gastronomic-stalls, it makes one of the most visited Shanghai attractions.

The ferry ride and BinjiangDadao:

The ride on the Shanghai ferry across the Huangpu River gets you some of the astonishing views of the Shanghai. The ride leaves you at the walkway of the Binjiang Dadao on the riverside.

Shanghai attractions

Binjiang Dadao, an ideal spot to view the Shanghai’s architectural giants or we can say all Shanghai attractions at a time. You can also some fine restaurants for lunch and dinner on the side of the walkway.

Shanghai Marriage Market:

One of the only awkward Shanghai attractions you find in the whole city, where every anxious parent looks for a good match for their sons and daughters. The place gets very crowded at some seasons. But it is an indescribable experience when you walk through all those stuck pamphlets of the candidates.

You can also spot some fortune tellers and people line up in front of them. There are some cases where the visitors are forced by the citizens of Shanghai to marry their children. So, please be cautious while you visit this place.

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