What to Write About in a Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal is something that many people want to do, but don’t know how to get started. What should you write about in your travel journal? Should you include your trip to Virginia to look at Alexandria houses for sale? These are all some questions that you might have when it comes to a travel journal. You don’t want your travel journal to become overburdened with pointless information, yet you still want to include all relevant information that may be helpful for future trips. So what exactly should you write in a travel journal? Let’s take a look.

Bucket-List Destinations

The first thing you’ll probably write in your travel journal is your bucket list destinations. This is a list of destinations that you’d absolutely love to visit and experience. Writing these destinations and why you’d like to visit them is a great introduction to your travel journal. When you eventually get to visit these destinations, you can look back and add on to your journal. Was the trip what you expected? Did you get to visit everything that you wanted at that location? Looking back and documenting how your expectations compared to your travels is a great way to reminisce.

Trip Itineraries

Another thing that you can include in your travel journal is trip itineraries. You can plan out your vacations in your travel journal, writing down what activities you’ll be doing and when you’ll be doing them. Not only does this give you a great place to plan out your trips, but it’s also great for memories as well. You can look back years later and find exact travel itineraries. The memories will come flooding back as you relive your vacation days. Additionally, if you ever go to that location again or want to plan another vacation, you can use these itineraries as a helpful tool to ensure you plan your future vacations better.

Important Travel Memories

A travel journal wouldn’t be complete without including important memories from your previous travels. A common idea among travel journals is creating scrapbooks or other visual aids to honor a great trip. These pages have a variety of amazing and meaningful photos on them with captions of why they’re important. Actually seeing photos is much more impactful than just reading words, so it’s a very powerful way of reminiscing about your trip.

Post-Trip Reflections

One of the last sections of your travel journal should be dedicated to post-trip reflections. Although there are other ways to reminisce moments and memories from trips, a reflection allows for you to see how you felt about the trip. When looking back at a post-trip reflection, you can see what you liked about the trip and what you didn’t like. Writing a post-trip reflection allows you to look back and truly relive how a trip made you feel. Additionally, when planning trips in the future, you can reference the positives listed in these reflections to ensure you plan the perfect trip.

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