5 Experiences you Should not Miss During Your Schengen Holiday

Aniconic paradise, Europe is a continent which has been explored at least once by every travel enthusiast. It encompasses several cities which offer a plethora of unique experiences. The moment you start exploring Europe, you can’t have enough and want the journey to never come to an end!

But even before you set off of your holiday, remember to initiate your Schengen holiday by referring to the ETIAS guide which has been aimed at making your short term travel in Europe a hassle-free one. ETIAS is a one-stop solution to having a stress-free holiday experience throughout the Schengen zone.

Here is a list of some experiences which you should not miss out on when you are on a Schengen holiday.

1.Witness the epic grandeur of Venice in Italy

The Grand Canal is aptly named with several palazzi and churches lining its banks. These structural wonders represent the age-old glory of the Venetian architecture. Once you reach the S-shaped waterway in?Venice, your eyes are treated with the magnificent structure of the Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale. The narrow streets of Venice hold several other structural treasures which perfectly depict the grandeur of this extravagant city.

2. Enjoying a Meal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Discover Paris in full glory after sundown while enjoying a meal at the famous 58 Tour Eiffel. The ambience of this restaurant is truly an incredible experience, perfect for couples on their honeymoon. The elegant atmosphere, the picturesque top view of the city and the twinkling lights add to the already charming ambience of the surroundings. Designed in a minimalistic way, this restaurant offers some of the most palatable options which are a delight to your taste buds.

3. Experience Finland’s Music Culture in Helsinki

Balder Hall is one of the renowned places in Finland which is visited by several music lovers from every nook and corner of the world. The one-hour-long live performance of the famous composer Jean Sibelius will definitely reignite your passion for music. The performances showcased here are an impressive projection of the unspoiled culture of Finland. It is recommended that you pre-book your tickets to witness the performances.

4. Sight the magnificent Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is known for its wondrous volcanoes, epic hot springs and mesmerizing waterfalls. The blissful aurora of Northern Lights can be experienced here by visiting the hot spring sites encompassed by this country.

Some famous spots for witnessing this naturally wonderful event include Latrabjarg, Seltjarnarnes and Eldborgahraun. You can hire your own private campervan and invade into the untouched wilderness of the hot springs to experience this grand event which occurs mostly during the months which fall in between September and April.

While the weather is beyond your control, you can always choose the best camper for you. Speak with Iceland-based 4×4 campervan rental companies, such as Cozy Campers, about your needs and preferences. They can provide you with options for a comfortable and pleasant journey to see the northern lights and more. While you are at it, you will likely need motorhome insurance as well. So fit that into your travel budget.

5. Sail on a luxury private boat in Barcelona

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain, houses plenty of beaches and vast expanses of the sea. One of the coolest experiences which you can have here is sailing through the waterways encapsulated by this city.

Hop on a luxury sailboat with your friends or family and witness the scintillating sunset and sunrise while cruising through the water.

You can appreciate the wondrous skyline and the widespread turquoise colored water through this activity. If you like swimming you can dive into the water or you can just leisurely relax under the warmth of the sun with a cocktail in your hand if you want a more peaceful experience.

Through a Schengen holiday, you can have some of the most memorable experiences. The variety of experiences offered by Europe is unlike any other continent. So, get your Europe visa now and head to Europe for your next holiday!

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