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Summer is coming. That means it is time for us to pack our bags and go on a quick weekend trip. And, what’s better than the beautiful continent of Europe? The European continent has so many magnificent cities that you might lose count. However, that does not mean that this holiday should break your bank. It could be a short solo trip or a weekend escapade with your lover. It can even be a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Whatever the reason may be, a short 2 or 3-day vacation in Europe can be a holiday to remember. Let us see some of the best European city breaks you can visit this summer.

List of the finest European city breaks to check out this year

The European continent is full of beautiful cities that you can visit to spend a few days. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful European city breaks ever:

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is one of the most perfect European city breaks to ever exist. Trust us when we tell you that this place will leave a mark on your memories forever. So if you want to spend an unforgettable weekend break, San Sebastian is the place to go. The place is not very well known. Hence you can expect a tranquil holiday experience along with conch-shaped bays, funiculars, and delicious seafood. Also, the city of San Sebastian is full of beautiful places to visit. From Bahia de la Conch to Mount Igueldo – there are many spectacles that will leave you in awe here.


London is one of those European city breaks that every travel enthusiast strives to visit one day. It is also one of the best places for art or history lovers. There are many ways you can enjoy your time in London with a low budget. You can go to a museum-hopping with your family if you like history and it is raining. There are many free and interesting museums in the city. Those include The Science Museum, The British Museum, and many more. Also, there are many outdoor play areas for children like Coram’s Field. London is known as a costly city. But you could find plenty of affordable stay options here if you keep your eyes open.


Paris is another obvious beautiful city break in Europe. It is among the best places to visit if you are a foodie, art, or fashion lover. Also, this French city is perfect for those who love magnificent architecture or are romantics. You can do a lot in this city even if you have only 100 Euros. Visit the street which Ernest Hemingway used to frequent during writing A Moveable Feast. Or, you can go to the courtyard where James Joyce completed his famous novel, Ulysses. Or, you can drink a cup of coffee at Café de Flore. The possibility is just endless.


If you are an inquiring traveler, you are bound to love the city of Berlin. It is one of the leading best city breaks in Europe. It is a perfect blend of the old with the new. Berlin is a city that is like a paradise for those who like history. The infamous Berlin Wall stands here as a reminder of a grimdark past. There is also a public park which was an airfield once. Plus, the local flea markets are perfect destinations for treasure hunters from all over the world. The chamber concerts and walking tours are also great attractions.


For those who love art and history, Rome is like a heaven on earth. This Italian city is famous for its beauty all around the corner. But keep in mind that Rome stays astonishingly crowded during summers. So, consider visiting this city in early spring or late summer. And by late, we mean, very late. Visit the Colosseum or relish the stunning beauty of the Sistine Chapel. Don’t worry if you are low on budget. There are many affordable accommodations all over Rome.


Edinburgh is among the best European City breaks you can imagine. This city is ideal for those who love to roam and explore different places. If you are into that boozy nightlife, Edinburgh is the place to be. It has plenty of pubs to serve your needs. Also, the explorers would love the cobblestone roads that lead to ancient forts. Besides those, the city has many secluded nooks and lanes that relate to the secrets of the city’s varied past. Plus, if you are a booklover, Edinburgh has many old book stores. Sounds fascinating, right?


Amsterdam is among those European City breaks that are bound to attract art and coffee enthusiasts. Also, if you like to roam in the streets and look for lost history, you must come here. In case you didn’t know, Amsterdam relates to the genius painter van Gogh. If you are a fan of his art, you must visit Van Gogh Museum. This whole city is like the heart and soul of the tormented artist. Apart from this, the city has plenty of cheap eateries to taste all the yummy food they had.


If you are looking for the finest European city breaks, you should consider the city of Madrid. If you like Spanish tapas, majestic architecture, and art and culture as a whole, Madrid is your go-to place. And, the best part is that this city is pocket-friendly. With only 100 to 150 pounds, you can go on a food-eating spree. Or, you can visit the world-renowned Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Or, you can go to the Palacio de Cibeles and take a panoramic view of the beautiful city. From the euphonious jazz music to crazy cocktails to tasty tapas, Madrid has it all.


Where can I spend 2-3 days in Europe?

The European continent is full of great city break options that are fascinating but will not break your bank. Some of the best European city breaks are San Sebastian, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and so on. Visit any of them and spend 2 or 3 days to have an unforgettable weekend trip experience.

Which is the most visited city in Europe?

According to a 2018 statistic, London is the top city destination in Europe. In 2018 alone, the city of London attracted a whooping 20.72 million international arrivals. While in 2017, The Big Smoke drew an international crowd of 19.84 million. So, London is currently the most visited city in Europe.

Why do people call Paris the City of Love?

Paris is known to many people as the City of Love because of the romantic vibe the city emits. The city always maintains an idyllic ambiance. Plus, the famous Eiffel Tower here acts as a symbol of love for countless couples worldwide. A large number of people tend to propose their loved one under it every year. So, the City of Love is not just a random nickname given to this French city. The city has rightfully earned it.


As you can see, Europe has a large number of spectacles scattered all over the continent. To make things easier for you, we gave you a list of the finest European city breaks to ever exist. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go on a wonderful journey today.

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