Seven Summits: Top 7 Highest Mountain Peaks in Europe

Challenge yourself to some rewarding climb to the summit of a few of the greatest mountains in Europe and bring in some bragging rights to the deal!

Top 7 Highest Mountain Peaks in Europe

1. Monte Rosa, Switzerland

Monte Rosa, Switzerland Inside the Swiss Pennine Alps has located Monte Rosa, That’s the second largest mountain range in Europe. With an altitude of 15,203 ft (4,634 meters), it is believed that Rosa made a look in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci as ‘Monte Bosa.’ The first ascent was made in August 1855 with a group of eight ascertained adventurers.

2. Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc, France, and Italy Europe’s highest mountain is Mont Blanc, aka ‘White Mountain’ and is located inside the Alps of both France and Italy. Growing into a dizzying 15,781 ft (4,810 meters) tall, Mont Blanc’s hotels are very popular with skiers and snowboarders, in addition to hikers and mountaineers. The first ascent was in 1786, which gave way to modern mountaineering because we understand it now. And 20,000 individuals set out to handle Mont Blanc each calendar year, using the Voie Des Cristalliers course the hottest.

3. Weisshorn, Switzerland

Weisshorn, Switzerland The most well-known summit in Europe is that the Matterhorn, but Weisshorn towers over the summit by a whole 30 meters! In an entire altitude of 14,783 ft (4,506 m), Weisshorn was initially headquartered in August 1861. All paths up Weisshorn are deemed hard, not least since the mountain face is amazingly vulnerable.

4. Signalkuppe, Italy

Signalkuppe, Italy and Switzerland The Pennine Alps can be home to the 14,941 ft (4,554 m) summit Signalkuppe. A small group, headed by a parish priest, initially handled Punta Gnifetti (named after the priest Giovanni Gnifetti) at August 1842. The summit is also home to the maximum hut in Europe: the Queen opened the Margherita hut at 1893.

5. Liskamm, Italy

Liskamm, Italy, and Switzerland Liskamm introduce a struggle as the mountain is put about a 5 km long ridge. The principle summit is 14,888 ft (4,538 m), and its parent’s Monte Rosa (see previously ). Today’s course follows the original path that has been taken over 150 decades back. A mostly British group created the first ascent in 1861. Watch the interesting YouTube video under which captures the excitement and thrill.

6. Zumsteinspitze, Italy

Zumsteinspitze, Italy and Switzerland Again situated inside the Pennine Alps is Zumsteinspitze, which Is Really called a sub-peak of Monte Rosa (see previously ). The first ascent was in August 1820 if the little tea increased the 14,970 ft (4,563 meters) summit) Keen climbers can handle Zumsteinspitze from Piedmont from Italy or by Valais in Switzerland.

7. Dom, Switzerland

Dom, Switzerland Mighty Mount Dom climbs to 14,911 ft (4,545 m) and is located at the Pennine Alps in Switzerland. Generally regarded as a fairly simple climb, you will find cable cars are scale facilities in Saas-Fee. Many elect to begin at Randa and since the scale requires an overnight stay, stop off at Dom Hut, that has to be pre-booked. Keen mountaineers have been ascending Dom because the first party to get to the best in September 1858 by Reverend J L Davies.

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