A City Break is Right for You


For those individuals who want to see and do something different, a city break is a great way to accomplish that without spending a ton of money. On the flip side, if you do want to spend a lot of money, a city break is also for you – it all depends on what you want to check out and the venues you visit. This ensures there are opportunities for all budgets and tastes, making every time a great time.

Cities have a lot to offer every type of traveller regardless of if you’re a local or a foreigner; your first time or your twenty-first time. As monuments to human civilization and culture, cities will boggle your mind at what they have to offer, particularly as someone who has lived there their whole lives but just never thought to do the ‘touristy’ things.

0-2Here is a short list of reasons why you should take a city break for your next vacation, whether it’s the history of London or the party atmosphere of Miami.

Low Travel Time

Unless you are travelling from overseas to a particular city, city breaks are the kind of vacation you can take on the weekend without it all being lost to travel time. Hopping on a plane is great but sometimes you want your break to start sooner rather than later and not to have to cross an ocean to do it. Maybe consider taking a city break to one close to home, particularly if you live just outside of it or in a neighbouring one!


Great cities have ways for you to get around and see it all without a need for elaborate transportation methods. Whether it’s taking the metro, a bus or just walking around, cities are usually set up  to be accessible and convenient for people to get around. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the transportation network to be sure you know your way around and don’t get lost any more than necessary!

Feel the Pulse of Society

Some cities have these great public meeting places where people come together for any number of reasons and being a part of that can be a rush. Even walking down one of the main streets with a bunch of others, taking in the shops or sites can be an event in itself and a great, affordable way to spend a day.

Always Something Going On

Large populations give rise to a diverse calendar of events, ensuing there is always something going on regardless of the time of year you visit. Take a look at the city’s website for the schedule and plan your trip around a particular event of interest – or avoid the city if you know it’s going to be busy and you don’t want to fight the crowds!

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