Advantages of Flying First Class


While most folks typically fly economy category, you ought to additionally expertise the benefits of flying first-class. Wondering whether, it’s worth spending several cash flying first class? Check out a few advantages of flying first class, which I especially like.

1. Getting through security checkpoint lines faster

Have you ever came across the airport later than expected and have you ever ever been on a long line at the security checkpoint? I assume, yes! I’ve intimate this many times myself, and I’ve liked having the ability to urge into the shorter priority lines once flying first-class. Obtaining through security checkpoint line faster means not only reducing stress, however you may even have lots of your time to find your gate and have a snack.

2. Free checked bags

A big money drain once flying is baggage fees. When flying first-class, variety of checked bags will be allowed freed from charge. As an example, after I flew first-class to Madrid  for my cousin’s wedding, i used to be ready to check my bag and carry my dress onto the plane, where my things was stored in the first class closet. It helped me avoid worrying and relax.

3. You are among the first to board a plane

In addition to obtaining through security checkpoint lines faster, you are conjointly among the primary to board a plane. Therefore you’ll be able to settle in and drink a glass of juice or water while waiting for your plane to take off.

4. Large armrests and tray tables


I love firstclass seats since they provide terribly comfortable headrests and plenty of additional house to accommodate laptops, drinks or books, thanks to tray tables and enormous armrests. I undoubtedly appreciate the chance to curl up in the first class seat and recline a little more than would usually be possible.

5. Great restrooms

The first class lavatory is sometimes larger and cleaner since fewer passengers use it throughout the flight. It conjointly tends to induce additional flight attendant’s attention, therefore you’re less likely to encounter such things as no paper towels or overflowing trash bins toward the top of the trip.

6. Alcoholic drinks are usually complimentary

For firstclass passengers, alcoholic drinks are sometimes complimentary. Therefore sit back, and revel in a drink, however don’t overindulge and don’t forget to sip enough water, if you don’t need to gain your destination feeling wired and tipsy or to get sick onboard.

7. Complimentary snacks and meals

Such tasty snacks as cold cereal bars and chips are common in firstclass. Whereas breakfast and lunch are undoubtedly sensible, dinner is probably the simplest meal of the day, because you’re treated to a great variety of foods like salad, warmed nuts, a hot entrée, bread, and dessert. If you have dietary concerns or restrictions, let the airline know in advance and an appropriate meal will be arranged especially for you.


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