Chewy Notices Shoes – So What?


Too many shoes for travel!

Have you ever paid attention to what people wear on their feet when they travel? If you’re of a certain testosterone-fuelled gender, you may be wondering what the hell I’m talking about and if Chewy really is all man. Well, aside from the obvious point that all men are all man, you might be surprised to learn I’m more observant than the average guy. If you’re of the other estrogen-fuelled gender, it may be something you notice on a daily basis – or if not, that is fine too. Chewy is cool with breaking stereotypes.

Getting back to my original question, the reason I ask is because some people wear really ridiculous things on their feet when they travel. Would you like some examples? I hope so because otherwise you’re going to be pretty disappointed about what comes next…


High Heels

This one is for the ladies. I love what heels do for the female body (as if you could improve upon perfection), but I have this weird thing called empathy and I can’t imagine them being comfortable or good for your feet/legs/back for extended periods of time. I’ve seen girls hike up small mountains for a few hours or stand in line for roller coasters in heels and I always note that they look good – but silly. Oh so silly. And speaking as someone who has travelled with someone who chose to wear heels all day, I don’t have much sympathy for you at the end of the day when you moan for a foot rub… but I usually do it anyways. *whip crack*


Sorry ladies, one more and I will stop singling you out. Uggs have few instances where they look damn fine, but they tend not to be the best choice for travel. They are expensive, damage easily in the elements and general walking, and offer little in the way of support.

Flip Flops

I’m guilty of bringing flip-flops with me for long periods of travel but I only wear them for chill times or around the hostel when my feet don’t want to get some weird travel fungus. As you can’t really walk properly in them and they are frowned upon by many religious buildings (temples, shrines, etc), they don’t make the best travel shoe. Also – and this is a big one – who do you think the thieves are going to mark as a target when you’re in flip flops and a backpack? Just wear running shoes!

No.. just no…


These shoes are  the worst things to happen to feet since Achilles hurt his heel (I know, barely on the foot, but work with me). Comfortable they may be, they look like you kicked a duck in the back of the head, got its beak stuck on your foot and then stepped in hot plastic. Crocs may be good for running out to take the garbage out or if you belong to one of those strange households that wear shoes inside, but make no mistake – everyone is laughing at you and you look out of place everywhere you go. Especially travelling.

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