I’m on Vacation – Sleep is For the Weak!

I am definitely someone who enjoys to pop a good sleep every now and then but when I’m on vacation, I am a man on a mission. That mission varies from place to place, but if I’m paying as much money as I am (see: more than nothing), I want to make it worth my while. So ultimately, sleep gets sacrificed.

…actually this looks awesome.

I find it amazing how many people really take to sleeping in when they’re on vacation in some far off place, often to aid in the recovery from the previous night. This is not me – I drag myself out o bed, get to the things I have booked or highlighted to see and even though I may be hating life the entire time, I don’t like to waste a second of my sweet sweet trip.

Who could sleep when the magic of Windsor Castle is awaiting you?!?!?!

In addition, I just can’t sleep most of the time while on holiday for the simple reason that I’m too excited. A few years ago I took a trip to Europe with a bunch of people and after we got back from  day of wandering the city, they all needed to relax and have a nap – not me! I was too wired. So instead I wandered around myself for a bit, seeing all the craziness, grabbed some sweet pizza from a place that smelled good and then got back just in time for them to wake up and go out at night. I saved up all my rest time for when we got back at night for good and then I slept like a mofo – whereas they all tossed and turned. Point: Chewy.

Of course it’s all very different if I’m on one of my long term adventures as that takes on a routine more akin to home life, which can be filled with down time. You can’t keep up a hectic pace the whole duration of a multi month trip or else you’ll lose interest and just feel your energy level plummet. Believe me, I’ve tried that… it doesn’t work out… at least not without being on coke (not for this guy… but many of the people I’ve observed), and then you have a whole different set of problems.

Many of the people I talk to on the issue do not feel the same way and will indulge in great sleeping bouts like a day into their travels. I say, wait until you’re home – you have come all this way to see and do something different, make the most of it! Some people truly do need it, either because they are feeling overwhelmed or any other number of issues, but do your best to right against it and soak up as much as you can.

Like my grandparents say, you can sleep when you’re dead.


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