Living a Solitary Life: Alice Springs for Hermits

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Most people who have lived in one or a number of countries as a full-fledged expat will appreciate the importance of doing some research on cities they are going to live in for a while. And as Alice Springs is 1200 km from the nearest ocean and 1500 km to the nearest significant city – Darwin to the north and Adelaide to the south – there is no wonder that expats who like to live a solitary life choose to settle down in this region of the Territory.

A Chance To Get Lost In The Crowd

Of course, permanent residents of Alice Springs from another country who do prefer to live alone are not necessarily withdrawing from society, what with the many attending events Alice has.

Apart from the popular Beanie Festival in ‘the Alice”, there are a number of other fantastic events to experience in the region including the Dry River Boat Race at the Henley on Todd and the Alice Desert Festival. Expats in Alice who do not enjoy mixing mix with people when they go out can still have a great time walking around such events whilst taking in the unique atmosphere.


As most people who do not wish to mingle all that often will avoid busy hotels and bustling backpacker hostels when travelling around Australia, it is not surprising that self-contained apartments are popular options for the more introverted traveller in Alice Springs. If you are one of those introverted travellers, you should be able to find what you require for your time in this unhurried part of the Territory. A quick search for accommodation Alice Springs self contained apartments will lead you to a number of results showing all the features an introverted traveller would like during a short stay in the outback town. Of course, people planning to stay for a much longer period will want to rent a self-contained apartment close to local amenities such as local stores or the Todd Mall in order to make their time in the town a more convenient experience.

Indeed, expats in Alice that like to spend a lot of time on their own will endeavour to make their apartment as comfortable as they possibly can. By spending time looking for the kinds of creature comforts that enable you to enjoy your own company in Alice, living a happy albeit solitary life will be easily achievable.

Solitary Living

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Although it can be quite nice being left to our own devices at home once we have finished work in Alice, it is still important to get out on occasions. Alice Spring expats living a solitary life that would like to stretch their legs have certainly got plenty of things to do in the region. Moreover, there are numerous places to head out to in Alice that do not require visitors to be a part of a group including the following:

  1. A trip out to the wide open space of the Bush
  2. Take a drive to Ormiston Gorge
  3. A visit to Alice Springs Reptile Centre
  4. Go for a camel ride from the Kings Creek cattle station
  5. Have a stroll around a Todd Mall market

Solitary seeking expats in Alice Springs who would like to see how other foreign nationals live in this isolated NT town should look online for blogs written by people who have been in Alice for a while, who without a doubt have firsthand knowledge and have experienced living in the place.

We can learn a lot about a place when we are already settling or have lived there at some point. By finding out about other expat experiences in Alice Springs, improving our own quality of life there should not be too difficult to achieve.

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