Places To Visit In Itanagar

How would you prefer to be snuggled within the lap of Mother Nature? However would you’re feeling to possess your eyes feast on the immense beauty, a great thing about the snowy hills and also the scenic lakes? What would be your feeling once you inhale the air in an environment wherever evidences of made cultural past show the timeless spirit of the traditional times? What’sthe prospect that you just would battle the silent however daunting challenge exhibit by the hills to trek and conquer them? If you’d like to acumen you’d be inclined, visit Itanagar, the sweetness of the land that defies description.

Itanagar is that the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The scenic town houses a ton to supply to its visitors. The choice of activities you may enjoys and range of places to go to here would overwhelm you to not mention the limitless great thing about these places. Here are the highest places to go to in Itanagar, that if you miss, wouldn’t be a justification to your tour.


Ganga Lake

Ganga Lake is one in all the proper destinations to relish the splendid works of nature. The lake, that is additionally referred to as as Gyakar Sinyi, is found in an scenic environment surrounded by lush foliage and majestic mountains. Set six kms from Itanagar, the clear water body amidst early vegetation, forest trees and orchids spellbinds you. Boating facilities area unit offered here. The glittering atmosphere that resembles a dense forest offers beautiful views to be captured in your camera and your memory.

Ita Fort

Ita Fort suggests that ‘Fort of Bricks’ in Ahom language. Though solely few brick blocks are there for you to as certain, the ruins of the fort, that was created around fourteenth century, stands proof of the ascendency of the traditional individuals within the field of design. The historical importance of Ita Fort and also the superior design of the bygone era are doubtless. Ita Fort covers a district of forty five cubic metres and around eight million bricks were utilized in the development. Given the actual fact that the fort was in-built a district that’s faraway from being a cushty place for construction adds price to the fort and highlights the attainment. It’s believed that the fort was created by Jitari Dynasty’s King Mayapur of Rama. With 3 entrances to the fort on the south, east and west directions, the fort is perked on high of a hill and also the depression read from here stuns you into silence. don’t let the ruins discourage you; the actual fact that a fort was created in such an area and also the beauty the situation needs to supply offer the place a high extract the list of attractions.

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Itanagar life Sanctuary covers a area of 140.30 sq. km. The valleys and also the hills with streams supply nice views to nature lovers. The sanctuary is made in a very big selection of trees. The sanctuary is home to wild species as well as antelopes, langur, porcupines, range black bear and lots of additional. Bird watchers would love their visit here because the species of birds seen here run into over 400 varieties.


Namdapha National Park

Lying within the shadows of Himalayan ranges, Namdapha park could be a treat to your eyes and challenge to your strength. The park, that is asserted as Tiger Reserve, is found in Changlang district and it’s India’s largest park. Lying in altitudes starting from two hundred meters to 4500 meters, Namdapha park offers a distinct expertise to you. If you’re keen on journey, you’re bound to fancy the challenge. a number of the wild species found here embrace tiger, chain of mountains black bear, deer, leopard and lots of additional attractions.


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