Four ‘Other’ Essentials to Bring Travelling

Four ‘Other’ Essentials to Bring Travelling
Trusty sewing kit – when you party as hard as chewy, these are important.


Everyone has their list of things that have to come with them when they travel and it differs for each traveller and each scenario. Some people don’t pack any toiletries because they plan on buying them all when they arrive and tossing them before they leave – a great idea if you’re somebody who wants to avoid checking their luggage. I’ve even heard of people not brining changes of clothing because they were planning on picking up cheap stuff abroad – which seems crazy considering a few items you already own cost you nothing and take up next to no space, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

There are a few items though that, especially if you’re going to be on the open road for a long period of time, would come in handy. These are the things that are surprisingly useful and will make you the saviour of many a new friend you run into. Best thing is – they take up like no space. Have room for that?


Nothin like getting your party on with shorn cuticles!

Fingernail Clippers

Aside from being great for staying groomed without using your teeth, fingernail clippers can be great for taking care of those hangnails that come about, especially if you are doing a lot of things with your hands. The digger thing that folds into it is great for avoiding looking slovenly – and sometimes it’s good not to be slovenly. In addition, if you’ve ever gotten a sliver while travelling before, you’ll know how imperative it is to get that sucker out, which are easy if you pack these.


Sewing Kit

Ever got a hole in your clothes? It really sucks – especially if you’re somewhat limited on the clothing options. It’s not going to take care of the knees of your favourite pair of pants that give out halfway through your Asian backpacking trip but it will take care of most other issues that come up. If you’ve never bought a sewing kit before, they can fit in your pocket and come with a lot of thread and a needle and is a lot cheaper of an option than buying new clothes. Plus when you are prone to tearing your clothes while partying, like Chewy here is, you need all the help you can get.


Great for hustling rubes too!

Playing Cards

Okay this one is great for having fun – and can do in a pinch almost anywhere. The great thing about playing cards is they are virtually universal but the games people play varies greatly from region to region – so you can learn something new while having fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling solo, with a partner or a group of 8, there’s a card game you can play that can pass the time, form new friendships or sex the pants off everyone you meet;)



Thanks, mom. No seriously, everyone should wear some sort of sun protection for their skin when travelling – especially if you’re fair skinned and in a tropical place. You don’t want to look like a leather bag at best or get cancer at worst, do you? Slap a little of that stuff on before you go out each day and even if that’s the only time, you’re better off than if you didn’t. Sunscreen is expensive in some places when travelling, so bring it from home and be the smarter traveller.