The Rome Nightlife

When it comes to fun and enjoyment, Romans are always ready to hit the dance floor. The Rome nightlife is full of thrill and fun. The whole city seems to be awake at night for tourists who don’t get to see Rome on a daily basis. Some of the nightlife fun commonly enjoyed by the locals as part of their daily activities includes the following.

Clubs and Disco

The streets of Rome are full of clubs and discos which awaken in the night, lighting the way with neon lights. The main streets of Monte Testaccio and Ostiense are packed with bars, music clubs, and pubs. There are places here, where you can eat, drink, and dance salsa in gay discos and risto bars.

The most popular disco around Rome is near Tiburtina train station where people head when they feel like jigging with madness. Here, people do not get dressed up for a night of fun, as is common in other discos around the world, with the atmosphere being rather casual. The music spectrum grooves around black music, Goth metal and new wave.

No prejudices are seen in these night clubs and discos. Gay friendly gatherings at the clubs and drag queens are seen mingling with other teenage or adult dance lovers without any discrimination.

The City’s Streets

The Rome nightlife invites people to join the party across the whole city. You can’t say which area has a higher concentration of people. However, the best way one can enjoy the spirit, culture and vibe of the city is outdoors. You will see miscellaneous activities here. Every square turns into a big outdoor bar, probably because the weather is mostly mild round the year in Rome.

There is a local trend called “La Passeggiata” in Rome, which includes walking through the old town while sipping beer and chatting with your friends along the way or outside a pub. This evening promenade generally lasts for hours before dinner every night with more and more people joining in, from around Rome. Gradually, as the night progresses, there are still people seen outdoors, but lesser than in the early night hours.

Outdoor nightlife allows the Roman people to practice a national sport here, which is “Seen and be seen”. Teenager and adult men and women come out on the streets to show themselves off as part of their tradition. This sounds like folklore, but so it is, in Rome!

Bars and Pubs

There are several bars where you can indulge yourself with wine, beer, and vodka. All drinks, eatables, and delicacies are available at bars that are scattered throughout the city. All genders and people from different cultures are seen enjoying and mingling with one another at the bars with lots of drinks being served. Popular bars in town are Open Baladin, Bar Del Fico and Ai Tre Scalini to name a few. Romans are also quite fond of Irish culture when it comes to pubs. So you can find Irish pubs almost everywhere in Rome.

Beer bars are not the only location that invites nocturnal guests. Coffee shops and ice-cream parlors are full of people enjoying themselves with Cappuccinos and ice creams.

Nightlife in Rome is famous around the world for its exotic feel and numerous popular bars and clubs. You might never want to stay in bed on a lively night in the streets of Rome.

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