Walking Tour of Mexico City’s Historical Center

Walking Tour

Are you planning your next summer vacation? Thought of Mexico City as one of your vacation destinations? If yes, have you thought about how you will take a tour around the city? You can always take a cab or any other vehicle, but then you would surely miss the essence of the walking tour. To be honest, a walking tour is the best thing you can opt for if you are in Mexico City. Taking a walk around the city helps you know history more clearly.

Here are a few places that you can take the walking tour of Mexico City’s historical center.


If you are in Mexico City, then you must include Zocalo on your walking tour. It is one of the largest public square areas present in Mexico City. When you decide your walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center, then Zocalo must be included in the list. Taking a walk around this beautiful piece of architecture can help you see historical importance. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead & plan your walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center.

Palacio Nacional

National Palace, also known as Palacio Nacional, is one of the top spots that you must visit if you are in Mexico City. As the history of this palace suggests that it was primarily built for the Hernan Cortes but in the later period of time was used as a stay house for the then Spanish Viceroys who were looking after the colonies. Though after Mexico got its independence, this very palace was used by the government for its official purposes. You can get to know such interesting historical facts from your guide while you are taking the walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center.

The Great Temple

The Great Temple, also known as the Templo Mayor, is one of the few buildings present in Mexico City known for its gigantic structure. As history says, the Great Temple or the Templo Mayor was mainly constructed for Huitzilopochtli, the God of War & Tlaloc, The God of Rain. This fabulous architecture was unearthed by some workers of electric company workers in the year 1978 & was finally made open to tourists & local people in 1987. So while you take a walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center, you will come across many such interesting facts & news about this ancient temple in the heart of Mexican City.

The Metropolitan Cathedral

It is also known as the Catedral Metropolitana. As history goes, this Metropolitan Cathedral took almost 3 centuries to be completed & decorated. During your walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center. You will find that this particular building is though partially completed, still attracts a lot of tourists. As the cathedral took such a long time to be constructed, the building has numerous architectural styles imprinted on it. While you are done with the walking tour around & in this Metropolitan Cathedral, you can also visit the monastery one block down the line. Many little known famous places fall under the walking distance, so walk up & explore these beauties.

The House of Tiles

Walking around to find the next Mexico City’s historic center? Then all you have to do is walk up the Madero Street & keep walking till you reach the corner of Filomelo Mata. Once you reach this place, you will find yourself standing before a building that is made up of blue & white tiles. This beautifully artistic building is known as the House of Tiles & the tiles that are used in this building are brought from a place called Puebla. As the history of the place suggests that this House of tiles was primarily the home of the Count & Countess of Orizaba during 1737, which later with the passage of time first got transformed into a private gentlemen’s club around 1881 & during 1917 was finally converted into a chain of departmental stores & restaurants. So if you are too tired & hungry after the walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center, you can jolly well spend some time & have a fulfilling lunch here.

Post Office Palace

Often referred to as Palacio Postal is one of the many important buildings present in Mexico City. If you are on a walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center, then this place must be in your lists of the visit. This beautiful building is located around the corner of Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas & Tacuba. Admission to this Post Office Palace is free. Once you enter this building, you will be amazed by the intricate design of the interior. It is said that Adamo Boari, the Italian architect designed the post office palace. That’s the reason the interior design has the essence of Italian work. In the year 1907, the Post Office Palace was finally made open to the public by the then President.

The Latin American tower

Widely known as Torre Latinoamericana is believed to be one of the tallest buildings in Mexico City. This particular building has always attracted a large number of people due to its enormous structure. The Latin American Tour consists of 44 stories. This huge structure was constructed around the year 1948-1956. Though currently, if you visit this building, you will find that many floors are given to various offices on rent, but from the 37th number floor, it is open for the public. The higher floor consists of restaurants, museums, & open terraces. All you need is to spend 60 pesos to get into this building.

These were some of the places that you could visit by taking a walking tour. So the next time you are in Mexico City & planning to take a cab to visit different historical centers, DON’T! Rather fix up a walking tour or find a guide with a group who will take you to these places.

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