Nightlife in Sihanoukville: Best Party Town

With the availability of inexpensive lodging and more economical alcohol, it appears a good deal of travelers wind up staying here some time. Some get jobs at one of the various bars on the shore, and suddenly it gets very difficult for them to depart when they can not even recall what day it is. A lot of times, we heard employees say, “It is my final night tonight, you have ta come out to get a DRINK!” just to see these working the following day again!

If you’d like somewhere by the beach with a wealth of 50 cent beers, then pure ethanol bootleg liquor and Aussie/English men in ripped singlets afterward, Sihanoukville is where to locate it. Personally I enjoyed the ease of this Wi-Fi, the assortment of restaurants being on the shore, but I was not a lover of this party scene so much. I’ve worked at various party cities such as Lagos in Portugal and Ios in Greece, but this area didn’t have the X factor personally.

Anyway, I will leave you to create your mind up about Snooky. I know a good deal of individuals raves about it. If you are heading down this way, I have assembled my hints for the place to party at Sihanoukville and what to while you are there!

During a day

Days are spent on Serendipity Beach, drinking Angkor beers and swimming at sea. The shore sellers here are very consistent and you may wind up like my buddy Turner with your spine threaded if you are not careful! Should you feel like a bite, lots of Cambodians are selling crab, langoustines, and grilled baby octopus. The majority of the pubs have sun loungers, and they are free so long as you devote a few bucks on beverages throughout the day.

If you would like to escape from it all, I propose taking a day trip on the party ship to Koh Rong Samloem island, taking the ferry over to Koh Rong, and spending a couple of days remaining in the bungalows around there. The Monkey Republic includes a bungalow hotel on the island named Monkey Island, but I hear great things about Tree House Bungalows and Paradise Bungalows.

Happy Hour

The Monkey Republic is where to go to get a reasonably priced dinner and pre-party beverages. Between 6 pm and 9 pm they have a terrific Happy Hour using 75-cent beers. We cannot go wrong with this now, can we?

After Dark

If it gets closer to midnight, individuals begin heading to the pubs on Serendipity shore. If you collect all of the flyers in the afternoon, you can certainly have a free pub!

There are a couple of booze cruises operate with these pubs, and you’ll be able to purchase tickets at the pubs when you are outside at night.

As a last note, there is a complete moon celebration with DJs around Otres Beach once per month, and it just so happened to be full moon once I arrived. We took a van out of JJ’s and partied until the wee hours of the afternoon…undoubtedly the best night out I’d go in Sihanoukville!

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