What I Love to Do During my Summer Travels

With summer finally here it’s time to bust out those sweet summer time activities that you’ve been looking forward to during the cold of winter and the dreariness of spring. Summer is all about getting outside and having fun with others, enjoying nature and soaking up as much sunshine as possible – and doing this when you travel is a key part of this!

Some destinations are better suited to summer activities and if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s actually the winter – but there are still tons of great things to get out there and enjoy!

Crash My Friends’ Cottages

I’m not one of the people who is blessed with their own cottage (or should I say, my parents don’t have one so I didn’t just fall into it, as is the case with my friends) but I still enjoy making use of other peoples. Having a cottage of my own isn’t something I aspire to own but every now and then it’s a fun distraction when I’m at home and looking for a getaway. The best cottages are those along the water, in the middle of nowhere with a big cooler of beer and equally big fridge of meat for grilling.

Hit up the Patios

There are few things as social and relaxing as hanging out on the patio of a pub or restaurant during the summer, particularly in the middle of the day. Order a pitcher of beer with some mates, regale each other with ridiculous stories and wonder why you don’t do this more often (and if you do, watch out for the credit card bill!). Do you have to work? Duck out early or go home ‘sick’ at lunch and chillax on one nearest you.

campfire-1Chill Out by Campfires

Once again, this one has something to do with tossing back a few brews with some buddies but it doesn’t have to! Whether it’s on a beach at night or in a friends backyard or cottage, having a campfire is just one of those primal experiences that are soothing for all – just make sure where you plan on having one is properly zoned for it otherwise you may face a hefty fine!

Take a Long and Epic Hike

Hiking is one of those typical summer excursions that are best when the weather is good and if you’re in decent physical shape. The number of amazing vistas and hidden oases that are only accessible by walking and traversing some ill suited for vehicle regions is spectacular and definitely worth the effort. If you want a real sense of accomplishment this summer, be sure to go on a hike – places like British Columbia and New Zealand are great places to start!

Remember to check out some of the affordable hotels online if you decide to hike this summer. You can usually find some great rooms at the last minute, and they’re generally modestly priced. Let’s say you wanted to book some hotels in Dunedin; all you’d have to do is go online and see what’s available and make the reservation around your trip. Some people might think that takes the “magic” out of a hiking excursion like this, but you can bet they’d think otherwise if they were tired and stranded in an unfamiliar city with no place to sleep.

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