Bermuda holidays

Vacation to Bermuda is one of the best holiday destination ideas that had ever crossed your mind. Visitors on their Bermuda holidays describe the place as the adventurous island with its hidden adventures and cultural hotspot. The island is soaked in the tropical greenish-blue waters of the Sargasso Sea. Bermuda is circled with the slippery reefs with the world’s best diving sites.

Bermuda holidays

The residences here are colored and the roofs are stepped to catch the rainwater. The museums and art galleries here display Bermuda’s history, and the place is perfect for water sports, hiking, and swimming.

Here are beautiful sites to visit during Bermuda holidays:

  • Dive Bermuda

Bermuda’s one & only 5-star diving instructor development center. It offers the best diving, snorkeling trips to various beautiful beaches and dives sites. Tourists say that Bermuda holidays are nothing but relaxation and recharging the batteries. They also offer the beach rentals of scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boards etc… equipment.

Bermuda holidays

Spending some of Bermuda holidays here, you can explore the underwater life with different species like blue parrotfish, four-eyed butterfly fish, wrasses and many more fishes drifting around the beautiful corals is an amazing experience and it feels like, once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

The other place that worth to visit during your Bermuda holidays is this nature reserve filled with the salt marsh, rocky shores, woodland and unspoiled beaches. There are a total of seven beaches here which are perfect for snorkeling. Among all the beaches Clearwater beach and turtle beach are beautiful public beaches to explore during the Bermuda holidays.

Bermuda holidays

On the salt marsh of the beaches, you can find the unique animal and bird life like crabs, kingfishers, and herons. The nature reserve is filled with the imported plantations of spices and you find the heavy concentration of cedars, palmettos, and olivewoods.

  • Blue Hole Park

Also known as the Tom Moore’s jungle that composes the coastal mangroves, cedar woods, palmettos, caves and swimming cavities. The blue hole is a pool with crystal clear blue waters and a wonderful place to cool down during the Bermuda holidays.

Bermuda holidays

The jungle is the perfect place to camp and has picnic lunch with the family. After reaching the top of the cliff in the jungle people do the jumping from there into the pond.

  • National Museum of Bermuda

Along with the enjoyment during Bermuda holidays spent some time to know about Bermuda visiting the only museum in Bermuda and it is divided into two main parts, Queen’s exhibition hall that displays the treasure found from the 19th-century shipwrecks.

Bermuda holidays

The other part is the world’s first cast-iron building which showcases entire Bermuda’s history. A video in the museum shows how archaeological works are done there.

  • Fort St Catherine

One of the most monumental forts in the island that has many historic antiquities, exhibits and a well preserved interior design. The tunnels here show the storage rooms of armory and gunpowder. Visiting the Fort is the perfect end to your Bermuda holidays; the fort here displays the replicas of the British crown jewels. Children can have thrilling experience here with the audio-visual presentation.

Bermuda holidays

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