Located in southeastern Europe, the beautiful country of Greece has been one of the most popular countries in the whole world to travel to. Millions of travellers from all over the world visit Greece every year to gather some of the best vacation experiences they will ever get in their lifetime. Starting from ancient historic ruins, awesome food and beautiful culture, Greece is one of such cities which offers something for everybody to enjoy. However, with its numerous beaches, long coastline and clear waters, family beach holidays in Greece are increasingly popular. There are simply a ton of seaside destinations for you to visit and a ton of activities for you to enjoy in this beautiful country. You and your loved ones will be simply mesmerised if you visit Greece for your next seaside holiday.

When to Go

Greece is a country which remains extremely beautiful throughout the whole year. However, summer is the most popular season to visit this beautiful country, especially for a seaside vacation. The peak season continues from the month of May to August. It is summertime in Greece, and thousands of people hoard to the beautiful cities to spend their holiday here. These are the best months to travel to Greece, however, there will be a lot of tourists. If you want to encounter a bit less crowd, you can consider visiting the country during the months of April, September and October. You will be able to enjoy the same sunny weather, but the prices will be much cheaper than the peak season. Low season starts from late October and continues till March, but there will be fewer options for flights, ferries, hotels and restaurants during this period.

Where to Go:

Santorini Islands:

Probably the most popular islands in all of Greece are the Santorini Islands. With the iconic whitewashed buildings, rugged landscapes and multicoloured cliffs, this is one of the most popular seaside destinations you have to visit when you travel to Greece. The two main towns, Oia and Fira, are extremely picturesque due to their prime locations. The towns cling to the huge cliffs of the islands overlooking the beautiful waters and other small islands, Oia is probably the most beautiful town you will visit in Greece. The blue-domed churches along with the white buildings will simply take your breath away.


One of the most well-known locations of Greece, Mykonos is famous among travellers from all over the world for its wonderful culture. The most popular town in this island is locally known as Chora, and this is the place where you need to be. With its brilliant juxtaposition of traditional culture with a modern lifestyle, this cosmopolitan town will blow you away. There are a ton of beaches for you to explore just outside the main town and do not forget to enjoy the awesome nightlife that this place has to offer after the sun goes down.


Being the largest island in Greece, it is no wonder that Crete is one of the most popular seaside destinations in this country. Famous for its varied terrain, Crete doesn’t only boast off its beautiful sandy beaches, but you will get to explore beautiful mountains, lovely cities and much more while you are here. Kissamos, a town sitting on the northern coast of the island, is the perfect place for a quiet family getaway. The award-winning Balos Beach is just a short distance away from this authentic Greek village.


A trip to Greece will never be complete if you do not take a halt at the most famous Greek city of all time, Athens. Famous for its historical importance, ancient architectures and monuments, Athens is also a great seaside destination. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Athens, most of which are located along the southern and the northeastern Attica peninsula. Starting from Varkiza, Porto Rafti, Loutsa to Vravrona, there are a ton of beaches in Athens which are both beautiful and family friendly.


This beautiful region of Greece houses some of the most beautiful and popular seaside destinations which are perfect for family holidays. The wonderful drive through the mountains and along the gorgeous coastline will surely be a memorable experience when you reach here. There are a lot of archaeological sites, ancient castles, beautiful caves and much more for you to explore. The beaches here are really beautiful, and you can find beaches with a lot of activities and also a number of quiet, hidden beaches.

Corfu Islands:

Although Corfu Islands is one of the most popular destinations in Greece among Backpackers, still it has a ton of options for luxury tourists and families too. And the jaw-dropping, spectacular vistas that you can experience when you travel here make it one of the must visit seaside destinations in Greece. The beaches are a great place to experience the happening nightlife is that is something you like. However, if you want some quiet and peace, you can move inland where it’s much less crowded and family friendly.

What to Do

Relax at the beach

There are simply a ton of thing you can do when you visit Greece for a seaside vacation. However, the most obvious activity which you must do is, you need to spend some relaxing time at the beautiful beaches of Greece. There are a ton of beautiful beaches full of fine sand and crystalline water in Greece. Just take your pick and spend some leisurely time sunbathing, go for a nice swim or eat at the various seaside cafes.

Enjoy some watersports

The beaches of Greece are full of various watersports like snorkelling, jet-skiing, wind-surfing etc. No matter what you like, you can be sure to find some activities which will catch your fancy. Indulge in your choice of watersports to fill your Greek vacation with the much-needed dosage of adrenaline.

Explore the ancient sites

Greece is famous all over the world for its rich history and culture. The cities of Greece are filled with iconic monuments and sites like the Acropolis, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Parthenon and many, many more. A trip to Greece will not be complete if you do not visit some of these ancient sites and glare at these the jaw-dropping marvels of ancient human civilization.

Enjoy the Greek cuisine

Greece, along with its beaches, architectures and history, is also famous for its food. You need to taste some of the authentic Greek food while you spend your time here to enjoy a truly authentic Greek vacation.

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