Chewy’s Favourite Travel Companion


When people list the things they absolutely never leave home without, particularly for a long vacation, it’s always the standard gear. I’m not talking about the obvious things like luggage or your passport – you have to bring those things with you – but rather those things that make the time go by smoother or good luck charms/security blankets.

Seriously, did you think it would be something lame like a loved one? Pfft you don’t know how I roll then…

I knew someone who always brought the same stuffed animal everywhere they went and got their picture taken with it in front of every monument or landmark they visited. Another person I knew never left home without their laptop – which doesn’t sound all that remarkable until you realize they have had the same laptop for 12 years. Seriously, the thing is a brick and barely works anymore but hey, they like what they like.

So what do I bring with me everywhere? I’m far more practical, so my essential travel companion is my trusty water bottle and these are the reasons:

I Like to Stay Hydrated

How other people travel without access to water is beyond me. Sure, I partake in the odd carbonated refreshment now and then but when I’m really thirsty it’s hard to beat water. Even if I’m in a country where you don’t drink the water, I’ll still fill up my bottle from the good stuff before I head out for the day. It’s always great when you do find a water fountain though – like an oasis in the desert.

Sweet for Parties

Okay another great reason is for the good times I like to have later on in the day. Of course bars won’t let you bring bottles in to prevent you from using your own liquor instead of their own, but if you are at a house party or something in the street, my water bottle comes in really handy. It’s inconspicuous, durable and can get into many places a lot easier than the actual alcohol bottle. Pus, when I’m all done I just rinse out the remains and begin my water consumption – it’s all golden.

Sanitary Reasons 

Travelling can be pretty gross if you’re not careful – even if you are careful – so having a water bottle can help ensure at least your drinking conditions are kept to a certain standard. This is particularly the case if you’re on a beach somewhere and want to keep the sand out of your drink or pour your mixed drink in and then put it anywhere.

With this in mind though…

I do toss my bottle pretty regularly as even taking the proper sanitary measures can result in pretty gross drinking conditions. Am I a little sad when I get rid of the bottle after so many great adventures, just to replace it with a new one? Of course not – that would be crazy – it’s just a bottle. And the new one is much better.

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