Four Annual Celebrations to Get Funky At

I don’t think I’m alone here when I say there are a lot of really amazing celebrations all over the world I’d like to attend. It’s not just for the atmosphere and the revelling in good times that will no doubt take place, but also for that feeling of being a part of some festival or get together that has quite the history and to be a part of that. And for the revelling. Oh how I enjoy the revelling.

Here are four amazing festivals/celebrations that I would love to be a part of even if it’s just to see what it’s like. They are conveniently spaced out at one in each season, because I’m nice and anal that way.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (Autumn)

What about this isn’t awesome? Unless you hate crowded rooms…

The celebration of celebrations is taking place right now in Munich and on top of it being a fantastic celebration of all things German, it is a wonderful place to party. With people travelling from all over the world to take part in these legendary beer halls, downing lagers, stouts and everything in between nibbles of bratwurst and schnitzel, you better believe this is the type of thing I would attend in a heartbeat.

Carnivale in Quebec, Canada (Winter)

Look at him… staring down on us… heart and palace one in the same…

While this is something that takes place all over the world leading up to the season of Lent, Quebec does it a little differently. With it being quite cold in Canada’s largest province, all the festivities take place around celebrating winter – dating back over 100 years. You will feast outside, take part in winter sports and catch a glimpse of Bonhomme – the snowman mascot of the festival who reigns from his ice palace. With many celebrations taking place throughout la belle province, there are many to choose from but Quebec City is the place to be in early February.

Hanami in Japan (Spring)

Now imagine this times like… a lot!

This is a celebration that depends entirely on the blossoming of the cherry trees, as hanami literally means flower viewing. At first this may sound like a pretty tame and boring practice, reserved for the old and feminine alike – and to that I tell you to go back to your cave and leave the pretty flowers to the rest of us. It is common practice for young and old alike to gather in the many parks and, where permitted (or not!) have a few sips under the trees! Seriously… businessmen will come in their suits on their lunch breaks to take part in this ancient tradition dating back over 1200 years. And if you think the day is amazing, just attend some of the private parties at night… oh boy.

Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland (Summer)

Even in the rain, Edinburgh gets pretty funky.

Fringe may have began as a showcase of arts and entertainment (which it continues to this day) but what has come out of it is a fantastic celebration that is a pile of fun just to walk through on the streets. Taking place in August, Fringe sees plays put on in parks and venues, buskers and random people dressing up and most of all – good times on the street as entire roads are sectioned off to give more space for the celebrations. Take it from Chewy, don’t try to drive through it – just ditch your car and join in on the fun.

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  1. These all sound terrific. I’ve experienced Oktoberfest many times but never in Germany. I’d love to check out the Fringe Festival more than any of them though.

    1. Fringe was a lot of fun… even if it rained the whole time! But in Scotland, that’s pretty much par for the course:p

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