Top Richest Cities of the World

A good town suggests that a decent life style and a rich town suggests that a plush lifestyle. There are variety of cities within the world that embrace an incredible infrastructure, stunning places to be in, wealthy and high culture as well as a strong economy.

If you’re a native of this town, you may certainly have the time of your life. Varied facilities and superb life style provided by these cities certainly serve a center of attraction to any or all at large. These richest cities are from the richest countries of the globe. Here are the top richest cities of the world.

Moscow – Russia

MoscowMoscow may be a major centre of attraction in Russia. The Moscow IBC is likely to become the terribly first zone in Russia to combine living space, entertainment and all the business activities in one sole development.

The tallest building of Europe, the Mercury town Tower is constructed here. Variety of celebrated monuments are situated here. With a complete population of 11,503,501, Moscow covers an area of 2,510 square kilometers and the current GDP recorded here is $520.1 billion.

Shaghai- China

Shanghai is one among the foremost inhabited and also the richest cities of the planet. The plush lifestyle, the strong economy also as the large gross domestic product of this town makes it the tenth expensive town of the planet.

This city covers an area of 6,340.5 square kilometers in China. The total population of Shanghai as of 2015 has been recorded as 23,019,148 along with a total GDP of $516.5 billion.

Los Angeles – USA

Los AngelesLos Angeles is placed within the Southern California and is understood principally for its ethnic diversity, Mediterranean climate, sprawling metropolis also as made economy. This town is that the third richest town of the planet with a GDP of $789.7 billion and a population of 3,792,621.
The city of Los Angeles covers an area of about 1,302 square kilometers and also the economic activities here are driven by international trade, petroleum, fashion, apparel, telecommunication, healthcare, transportation, etc.

Seoul – South Korea

This South Korean town is that the fourth richest cities of the planet according to the reports of 2015. It is the capital as well as the largest metropolis of South Korea that forms the heart of the Seoul Capital Area. This city generates 21 percent of the total GDP of South Korea which at present shows upto $779.3 billion.
With an estimated population of 10 million, the foremost economic activities carried out in Seoul are mainly in terms of manufacturing-processes and finance.

Osaka – Japan

OsakaThis town is that the second largest metropolitan area of Japan and has additionally been addressed because the ‘nation’s kitchen’. This town is considered as the primary economy center of Japan since an outsized percentage of population here belongs to a merchant-class.

The people here have a rich lifestyle and the GDP of this city is $654.8 billion. This city covers an area of 552.26 square kilometers along with a population of 1,545,410.

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