Hard Partying Travellers are Cautionary Tales for the Rest of Us


Everyone likes having a good time when they are on vacation but some people take it to a whole new level. There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks or even getting blackout messed up the odd evening with old/new friends, but if you find yourself doing it too often you can really pay the price for it in the end.

I could really go for some of that right now though…

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this but it’s really worth driving home the dangers of going balls out when on holiday because carpe diem is your life motto. Easy there, latin boy – climb off the desk and think a little more clearly about this. On top of seizing the day being incredibly short sighted and self-fulfilling (if you really lived just for the day, you can guarantee tomorrow won’t come – and it’s all on you), it’s just a stupid and reckless way to live life. A little bit of caution never hurt anyone and would do well to be mixed into the cocktail of life, particularly if you want to keep doing it night after night.

I’ve ran into so many people while travelling that just seem to have no concept of moderation or what a sad image they are to everyone else. You might say ‘Fuck you Chewy – stop judging/hatin/being a douche’ but you’re ridiculously naïve if you think you can exist in society and not be subjected to societal notions of acceptability. But you know what, keep on doing what you’re doing because it only solidifies my resolve to avoid that kind of lifestyle. Here’s why:


It’s Hard on Your Wallet

I know people who pull the ‘I can’t go to Europe because it’s too expensive, so I only go to South America or Asia because it’s cheaper’ line, which is fair, but they end up spending a ton on drinks and eating out. You could afford more expensive destinations if you just don’t go balls out on the partying, which ends up exceeding whatever savings you may have enjoyed. I don’t care how cheap the drinks are or if you’re just doing it casually with new friends – it should still be done with moderation. Anyone who has been paying attention to recent changes in the tech industry knows that micro-transactions are the new big thing, because companies know that people will spend more by making a lot of small purchases because they don’t realize it adds up. It’s the same with cheap destinations.


It’s Hard on Your Body 

Drinking all day and night and not really sleeping or eating properly will make you look like shit eventually and it gets worse the older you are. You’ll feel tired, not be as alert mentally and just not have the energy you once did. We all get worse looking the older we get (it’s science!) but if you think you’re fine cause you’re still hot and are partying all the time in your 40s… think about what you could’ve looked like – or maybe look in a mirror and realize the truth. I’m looking at you, habitual all inclusive party goers.


If your life goals involve eating jerk chicken though… keep on going. Just don’t forget to tip the jerk chicken man!

It’s Hard on Your Life Goals

Partying all the time means you don’t have much time for getting real things done, and it gets worse the older you get. Not only does it take up your actual time but it keeps your brain from focusing on more important things, and is only after immediate gratification. I know people that I lived with in Japan that are still there, going out 3-4 nights a week with the same old people and who are still under the illusion that it’s only temporary. Well, it’s been over five years since I moved home from there – anything that lasts five years isn’t short term. It’s never too late to break the cycle, and when you finally do, you’ll have to live with the reality of all those wasted years with little to show for it.

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