Choosing where to go on your honeymoon is a major decision, and is up there with some of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your entire wedding day. This is the time you’ll look back on in years to come, so you’ll want to remember it for all the right reasons.

It’s important to smooth out your travel plans, to cut out the stress. You don’t want to be run ragged by the time you get to the airport, sniping at each other, and biting one another’s heads off. A good way to cut out the stress is to book your airport parking space. I do this regularly nowadays, as I find the convenience second to none, and I save money too. ParkBCP offer some fantastic rates, and you’ll find this is a service offered at regional airports, as well as large airports. I regularly book Heathrow parking terminal 5 and love the easy way I get to travel at the airport without having to put up with trains and buses.

Making your honeymoon special begins when you leave the house, so why not throw in an airport lounge booking to your holiday, meaning you don’t have to sit in the departure lounge with a headache from the noise?

It’s the small touches that will make the whole holiday better.

Of course, it is all about the destination at the end of the day. There are resorts which are geared up especially towards adults and honeymooners, such as the Sandals resorts, so you have a relative amount of peace around the pool during the day. Alternatively, you have places like Kenya, where you can jump on a safari and see something truly once in a lifetime. The Indian Ocean destinations are perfect for rest, relaxation and romance. How about somewhere like The Seychelles, Sri Lanka, or maybe head into the Pacific and live it up in Hawaii.

The options are endless.

The choice of hotel is all important. You need four walls that will offer you all the facilities you need to enjoy your time. A spa is a good idea for a honeymoon break, what is more romantic than a couples massage in a stunning setting?

Your destination should also offer you activities during the day time to keep you both occupied, from diving and snorkelling, nature trails, biking, relaxing, day trips, shopping etc. All major destinations geared up for honeymooners will do this, including cruises, where you’ll be no doubt treated like royalty.

Wherever you choose, be sure to mention that it’s a special occasion, both on the plane and at the hotel – you never know, you might get some freebies! And the best part is now you can apply for Sri Lanka visa online.


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