Rain = Time to Get Awesome


If you happen to be travelling through the parts of the world where November is a fall month (or even spring), chances are you’re going to encounter your fair share of rainy days. They may be miserable, they may be cold, but they need not be ruined so long as you keep your spirits about you are okay with being a little creative.

Storm clouds don’t concern you if you’re in a bubble!

Keep in mind, you’re probably not the only one who had grand plans that were banking on it being good weather to properly enjoy. I’m always amazed at how many people don’t have any sort of rain plans and are just completely beside themselves when something goes awry. If they’re in a group, they’re snapping at each other or not speaking; if they’re alone they just kind of wander around aimlessly looking at every booklet or brochure in their hostel for some sort of salvation. It’s just rain!

I mean, it sucks, but in many cases it isn’t going to last all day and unless it’s a torrential downpour, you can probably just buy a poncho or something and still have somewhat of a good time. Some of the greatest places on Earth, like Scotland, rain like 90% of the time. Are you just never going to go to Scotland? Because if you don’t, you’re missing out!

Giant outdoor chess is a Scottish rainy day pastime!

If, on the other hand it is a torrential downpour and you legitimately cannot do anything because everything is outside or it’s not safe to do so, be sure to plan for just such an occurrence. What I mean is you should have in your room or bag some diversions that can be busted out for a few hours or days and still have a good time. Forget about not seeing those ruins or hiking to see some waterfall – it’s not going to happen today, get over it. You can either be miserable, or get awesome. I always choose the awesome, but that’s just me.

A great hostel will have things to do, like board games, books or activities, and if someone already has it busted out, see if you can join in. Rainy days can bring out the best in people and you might even get a chance to make some new friends in the process. If this doesn’t work, see if you can find a deck of cards and start your own game. Find out what game everyone knows, teach them one you know or make one up – that is always a big hit if everyone’s up for it. If not, variations on poker are pretty universal – and if the company is right, maybe even sexy awesome strip poker?

You can’t stop this. Why not play some sexy card games instead?

Send someone out to the closest liquor store and bring back some spirits – or if there’s a bar on site, keep the rounds coming and watch everyone loosen up and forget about the rain outside. It’s amazing, if you make the best of a rough situation, you may end up creating a memory that stays with you more than any landmark or hike does. It’s all in your attitude!

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