How To Party Safe When Traveling


drinksTraveling has become a hobby for many people who want to take a break from work and stress. Traveling to different parts of the world gives you a chance to experience different cultures which can be refreshing. It is obvious that when you travel, you are going to party hard. Since you are traveling to new places, you have to stay safe because you don’t know what type of people you are mixing with. You must know how to party safe when you are traveling.

There are some things you must remember to have a good time when traveling.

Firstly, it is clever to leave your identity cards and credit cards at home or locked up in the hotel when going out at night. In addition, keep the address of the place you are staying in a piece of paper and hide it somewhere safe like a secret pocket or in your shoes when going out to party. Also include a local reputed cab company’s phone number.

Secondly, you must keep a low profile and blend with the crowd to avoid standing out with flashy jewelery or clothing. Standing out in the crowd can make you a walking target and I bet you don’t want that.

Thirdly, it is obvious that while partying you will consume alcohol and that is why you must control your drinking. Take count of how many glasses you have and some drink something you are used to. Alcohol has more effect when you are jet lagged and can be a different percentage in other countries.

Fourthly, it is advised to find a local person as your guide. A local person can not only show you the gems of the place, but teach you the best ways to stay safe there. Good locals can even get you out of tight situations without taking advantage of you – some countries, like Japan, are known for their hospitality… so be sure to befriend Japanese people!

Last but not the least, you must be careful of your surroundings and be alert at all times.  Don’t get so drunk you can’t remember where you are. Stay safe while you are traveling and partying in a new city. Get the most out of a place but always remember to stay safe.

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  1. […] For those worried about the safety, there is security around the area to make sure that the drug laws are followed. The island itself is geared towards its guests, providing different transportation options back and forth from party to hotel. There are also nearby clinics incase anything goes wrong. All of this guarantees a good, clean and fun party. The worst you can come home with at the Full Moon party is a hangover or blisters from dancing. […]

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