Lighting out for Lapland

Lately I’ve been really craving getting away from it all and isolating myself from the rest of the world. I’ve done the vacations on the beaches, the backpacking, the road trips and the tours – I need something different that will let me get in touch with someone really awesome: myself. Well, maybe friends can come along too, but for the kind of off the grid vacation I’m looking for, they’ll have to be my less needy friends.

The truth is the type of holiday I’m looking at more and more lately is one to the remote spots on Earth where not a lot of people go, but it’s not so I can hold it over others’ heads or make them jealous. No, it’s for the exact opposite reason – I want to get away from people. I’m constantly surrounded by them everywhere I go and I need a break.

Maybe this is why I’m looking a lot more into making a break for Lapland in northern Sweden. Most people when they think of Sweden they think of delicious meatballs, gorgeous blondes and Aquavit; or on the commercial end it’s H&M, IKEA and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. While I can’t deny the commercial reasons as influencing my favourable opinion of the area, it’s those things I wouldn’t mind escaping. As for the food, girls and booze, those had better be included in my welcome basket.

I want to get a cabin way up in the wilderness, away from the madness of Stockholm where I can just relax and unwind; maybe take in a little dog sledding before my northern lights gazing? It would be a great experience and break from the warm weather escapes I commonly go for when the weather turns cool. I’ve just started to find that every beach looks the same and every villa or resort is just slapped together with no real thought to personal touch. It’s fine if you want to get drunk off your face and eat until you burst with hundreds of others, but it’s not for me this year.

That’s one thing I like about the cottages or log cabins I’ve seen during my research. I’ve always been one of those people who would rather live in the woods in a small rustic place than something chic and downtown, so the Lapland route appeals to that side of me. Cozy, secluded – a refuge from inhospitable conditions. What doesn’t sound great about that? Take a look and see some examples here to fall in love for yourself.

Want to come along? Too bad, get your own cabin – the theme this year is rugged isolation and as always, Chewy’s totally in style.

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