My Apologies to South America


I’m probably alone on this, but sometimes I forget South America exists. Terrible, right?

Sometimes I just draw a blank…

I mean, I know tons of people who have been there and I know it’s home to a lot of famous places, people, food and other great things, but I always forget about it when it comes to travel plans. Europe is easy to remember – I don’t think anyone can argue that. Then Asia always comes to mind, particularly East Asia. Africa pops up on the horizon after that because it just seems so exotic and then North America since it’s my home, sometimes gets overlooked. Oh right and Oceania.

So maybe I forget about a lot of places… even though I’m pretty good at geography!

There are some travellers out there who have South America as their number one destination and have only travelled there – and good on them. I want to also travel to a ton of places on that continent… I just forget it’s an option sometimes. This may come as a surprise to some of my more conservative minded friends who assume I’m a card carrying socialist, but uh, just because I don’t share in their baby eating love it doesn’t mean I’m a socialist… that’s just how Chewy rolls.

I’m sure I’m not the only one when it comes to this problem; maybe for you it’s a different continent?

Anyways, like I said, I’d really like to visit South America one day but aside from a few famous locales, I’m not really sure where to go – and I’d like some suggestions. I figure there has to be some kind traveller or brain out there who can fill me in on the must sees and dos of that Spanish and Portuguese speaking continent.

First on my list, in fact unless something changes it will be my next destination… eventually, is Machu Pichu. Cliché, yes, but I don’t care. I’ve always thought it was an amazing location that seems like it shouldn’t exist. I’d love to do the hike up to the top and check it out in all it’s glory, tucked away in the clouds and pretend I’m some Inca dude from long ago. That would be sweet.

Can never get enough of this shot!

Next I’d say would be the Galapagos Islands, even though I know that is a pretty expensive trip. But Darwin is awesome and I need to check that shit out. Also I just watched Master and Commander again and some of it is set on those islands. How could I not want to see some crazy one of a kind animals?

Rounding out the list is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and probably Iguaçu Falls in Argentina/Brazil. I’ve always been impressed by giant statues and waterfalls, so why not check out two of the most badass of both?

But yeah… if you can suggest other places for me to see to ensure Chewy doesn’t forget about South America, it would be greatly appreciated. Much love!

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  1. No way! How can you forget South America? It’s the first place I always think of when it comes to travel. Are you based in the States? Maybe that’s the difference for us folk in Europe – the world is tilted slightly differently from here:)

    1. Haha well it depends where you’re from I guess, right? Actually I’m based in Canada, and I would love to travel to South America as I’ve heard nothing but good things…

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