Why You Should Go to Thailand for a Full Moon Party


fullmoonpartyFirst of all, what is a ‘Full Moon Party’?

You better start searching for flights to Thailand, because the world famous Full Moon Party is a dusk till dawn beach party on the island of Ko Pha Ngan at Haad Rin beach. Like its name suggests, the Full Moon Party takes place on the night of the full moon.

The Full Moon Party started out in 1985 on a wooden disco near the Haad Rin beach with around 20-30 travellers. The bars all around and atmosphere in Haad Rin beach were so accomodating to the travelers that this event quickly became popular by word of mouth. Since then the Full Moon party has been a monthly event. Currently the Full Moon party garners around 20-30,000 people every full moon evening till morning.

For this event only, the bars located at Haad Rin beach stay open the whole night to serve drinks and play music. The music at the Full Moon party ranges from trance, drum and bass, house, R&B, dance and reggae.

Besides the 24 hour bars and music, the Full Moon party also boasts of its huge bonfires and many other attractions (such as fireworks, fire dancers, jugglers, fire skipping ropes, etc).

When dawn hits, only a few are left dancing. The rest of the party goers are either basking in the sunlight and lounging on the beach, with the majority usually grabbing a bite of breakfast at the nearby bars and restaurant before heading home to sleep off the wild party.

The Full Moon party alone has been on most party goers and wanderlust filled traveler’s lists and is even considered a ‘rite of passage’ between them.

This party’s history, popularity and given description is a good enough reason to go. The event has even been featured on a number of movies since then.

For those worried about their safety, there is security around the area to make sure that the drug laws are followed. The island itself is geared towards its guests, providing different transportation options back and forth from party to hotel. There are also nearby clinics incase anything goes wrong. All of this guarantees a good, clean and fun party. The worst you can come home with at the Full Moon party is a hangover or blisters from dancing.

Besides the party, travelling to Thailand also gives you a chance to see all the beauty in the Eastern part of the world. At the island of Koh Pha Ngan alone there are so many things to explore and do, from tasting the cuisine to kite boarding, scuba diving to canopy zip lining through jungles. The whole trip in itself has the makings of an adventure, with the Full Moon party being the perfect way to cap it off.

So for those who are looking for adventure, new sights, and a real party-the question you should be asking yourself is why haven’t you gone to Thailand for the Full Moon party?

For more info on the Full Moon party dates, you can go online and check the available party schedule for the year.

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