What to bring home on a trip to Bali

Fast-becoming a travel destination for the young and old, Bali no longer has the negative connotations it once did. Indonesia’s tourist hub is brimming with places to go, food to eat, and things to buy.

When you’re on a trip to the Island of the Gods, there are a few places you need to include on your itinerary and a few “to buys” that you must put on your shopping list! Here are some items you should bring home from your visit to Bali.

If you’re travelling around this tropical destination, you’ll find your attire consists mainly of a swimming costume and sunglasses – however, sometimes when you venture too far from the beach, a socially acceptable sarong is the fashion choice of many. You don’t just need to apply this in Bali; instead, purchase a sarong (they’re incredibly affordable, after all) and bring it back home to wear whenever you’re near the beach or the sea.

Buddhist sculptures
In Indonesia, Buddhism is the religion of choice. Because of this, it’s safe to say that you will encounter many Buddhist sculptures and statues through the markets of Denpasar and Kuta Beach. From a small stone or gold sculpture of Buddha to a more colourful sculpture of Palden Lhamo, the Goddess, or Yamantaka, the Conquerer of Death, there are a myriad of statues to bring back to decorate your own home with a bit of Indonesian flavour.

Bike helmets
It’s a well-known fact that the people of Bali mainly navigate their way via motorbike, and this means that at some point they inevitably have to wear helmets. In the stalls of Kuta Beach, you’ll find Viking-themed bike helmets, military-style bike helmets, and even bike helmets with a fake Mohawk on them. Even if you don’t regularly ride bikes around back home, this is one item that will remind you of Bali – no matter where in the world you are.

Slippers or flip-flops
Unlike countries like New Zealand or Australia, people don’t just walk barefoot around the roads or near the beaches – that’s why it’s always handy to have slippers and flip-flops while walking around in Bali. Bring some of that Balinese culture home with some fun slippers that you can purchase from any local market. Regardless of whether you’re looking for land for sale in Epping or house and land packages in Berwick, these slippers are sure to be used again in and around your home – the perfect reminder of your trip overseas!


Kate Horley is a writer who brought home some bike helmets from Bali. While she thought they were great presents, her friends didn’t seem to appreciate them as much…

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