Road Tripping? 5 Easy Ways to Save On Gas

Every time you go to fill up the car, it seems that gas prices have risen. This can make it difficult when you want to take a road trip. Fear not – there are ways that you can save money on gas and still take the trip you want. It’s all about thinking ahead and making every kilometre count. But before you set off on your adventures, make sure you have a good motorbike insurance, in case you are on two wheels.

Use Cruise Control When It’s Possible

Often when you’re on a road trip, there are long stretches of highway to tackle. This is the perfect time to turn on your cruise control! Using cruise control is a great way to reduce the amount of gas that you are using. Maintaining a consistent speed will ensure that you aren’t burning extra gas by constantly accelerating and slowing down. So, make the most of the opportunities you’ve got.

Slow Down a Little

Driving quickly may help you get to your destination faster, but it doesn’t help you to save money on gas. When you speed, it affects your gas mileage. Yes, the faster you drive, the more money you end up shelling out on gas. The best solution is to slow down a little! Another way to cut back on the amount of gas that your vehicle is using is to avoid weaving in and out of lanes or driving aggressively. It’s been found that when you’re hard on your car, it takes a hit directly on your wallet.

Be Smart About Staying Cool

Whenever you use your air conditioner, your gas tank is affected. Why? Your AC unit takes up a lot of energy. It’s a good idea to use your air conditioner only when you need it most, rather than to leave it running all the time. Unfortunately, simply cracking open the window isn’t going to help you save on gas. That can actually cause your car to drag – which uses up even more energy to compensate. Instead, use your air conditioner sparingly.

Don’t Charge Your Electronic Devices

Being able to charge your phone, iPod, or your GPS in the car is super convenient. However, it is also one quick way to use up your gas. Anything that uses your car battery to charge can impact the amount of gas that your car burns while you drive. To avoid wasting gas unnecessarily, be sure to charge all of your electronic devices before you step foot into the car. It will make your road trip that much better!

Plan Out Your Route

One quick way to save money on gas is to know where you’re going. When you wind around back roads or have no clue where you’re going, you are essentially flushing money down the toilet. Before you start your trip, map out the shortest possible route. You may also want to consider avoiding areas where traffic tends to get congested. Idling can use up your gas quickly, so bad traffic should be avoided whenever it is possible. Think about off-peaks times to travel or changing your route if possible.

The price of gas doesn’t have to stop you from having a great time. Think before you drive and plan out your route. A few simple changes to the way you travel will ensure that you’re able to go anywhere – without running out of cash.

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