The Foodie’s Eye on Meribel

Good food and cold weather are natural partners as there really is nothing like cozying up at a table or in front of a roaring fire with something rich and delicious. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the après ski culture is so popular, even among non skiers, as it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a good meal. With this in mind, nothing feels better after a day of hitting the slopes like a sumptuous feast and you can find this and more on a holiday in Meribel with Purple Ski.

Skiing is just a great way to spend the winter months; getting to be physically active during a time of year known for hibernation means you won’t fall apart after a summer of working on that beach body. But what fun would it be if you were good all year? Keep in mind, a day of skiing will burn upwards of 2000 calories – meaning you can afford to indulge in all the amazing food of the region, which Meribel is no slouch in offering. The official resort guide to Meribel can show you more but I have a few things to mention below that I think you should consider if this holiday is up your alley.

Booking a vacation in the winter is a great way to pass the time, especially if you aren’t the greatest fan of winter, and going to a ski resort has been known to turn people’s opinion on this least popular of seasons. Winter sports are incredibly physically demanding and this means you can eat those guilt laden foods you try to avoid the rest of the year. Instead of dreading the cold weather, having a combination of rich hearty food and a fun activity could really take your winter blues away – and who doesn’t want that?

You’ll soon realize you aren’t the only one who feels this way or is visiting these chalets as part of their winter ritual, which makes it essential to plan ahead. Last minute holidays can always be found but if you want to avoid disappointment, it’s best to have it booked in advance. The same is true for your dining options, as the best restaurants have the habit of requiring reservations due to the volume of skiers. Love that baked brie, flake pastry or decadent stew you had last year? Make sure you don’t miss out by waiting too long!

Finally, just because a restaurant is expensive it doesn’t mean it’s the best – even in Meribel. You can have some dynamite fare in your resort room or on the streets among the throngs of other patrons – which is great new s for those on a budget who still want to enjoy the atmosphere. If you are up for heading a bit out of town, Lodge du Village has pretty decently priced pizzas, or La Galette in the town itself is sensibly priced but fills up quickly. Do yourself a favour though and indulge at least once if you can to sample some fantastic food in a setting you aren’t soon to forget!


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