How to Avoid Stress at the Airport


Airports can be stressful places. With all the coming and going of people from around the world; excitement and anxiousness running through travellers depending on their itineraries; the agitation security checkpoints and the inevitable delays that are simply commonplace – it’s no wonder many people find travelling such a jarring experience.

But airports don’t have to be this way!

Many things are completely out of our control when we fly somewhere, but by approaching the situation with the right attitude and taking a few before hand steps, you can drastically minimize the irritation many people feel. Doing something as simple as researching the airport parking situation before you drive to the airport can let you know how much it’s going to cost, where it is and how you’re getting to the terminal. If you leave it until the last minute, it might be a bit more insane.

Here are a few tips to lessen the airport stress!

Have a Plan Before Leaving

This doesn’t mean having a typed ten page script of exactly how everything is going to run (although if it makes you feel better, go ahead!), but it does mean think about where you’re going and what could happen at different points. If you know airport parking Bristol books up quickly then you probably want to make arrangements ahead of time. If you know the airport bus situation from Ciampino to Rome can be delayed by hours, maybe look into alternative routes. It doesn’t take a ton of time and really helps!

Weigh Your Bags Before Arriving

There are always people who just seem to stuff their bags full of everything they own and then be completely blown away when they get to check in and find they have to take things out. This is another one of those things that is completely out of your hands if you’re stuck behind someone who commits this travel blunder… but just try not to commit it yourself! If you’re coming home with more than you left, chances are you’re over weight!

Bring Things to Do

Some airports are great places to wander around, gawk at the characters and explore but others are a dead bore, which can make you dread the wait. Bring your gadgets or reading material if you’re in for a long wait!

Go with the Flow

Like what was previously mentioned, some things are completely out of your control and if you can accept this, it will make your time at the airport better. Delays will take place, baggage may get lost and that favourite restaurant you like to grab a breakfast sandwich at may not be open for your 6am flight. Breathe. It’s not the end of the world – you will still have a great trip!

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