How to Grab a Bargain Holiday


If you’ve got cheap holidays on the agenda this year, you’re in luck! There’s a seemingly never-ending stream of bargain holidays, starting with low-cost flights and go-direct hotel offers, right through to special offers on package holidays.

IMG_2929If you want to ‘go your own way’ and book your own flight and hotel, the best way to do this is to book well in advance. In most cases, there’s little point waiting to book a scheduled flight, as those low-cost fares are limited in number and once the cheap seats have all been sold, the prices typically head skywards. So if you see a flight that’s affordable, the best thing is to book it as soon as possible. You will often get good deals by booking direct with a hotelier, and again early bookings are often the best way to secure your room. Late deals are also possible when booking a hotel, but it all depends on whether you have the nerve to wait until the last moment to book!

Where package holidays are concerned – such as those provided by tour operators like Thomas Cook – late bookings are much more reliable and this still exists as a favourite way to grab a bargain holiday. Tour operators buy up flight seats and hotel rooms in bulk and sell them on as package holidays to customers. And happily for holidaymakers, if it looks like a certain batch of holidays might not sell before the departure date then tour operators typically drop their prices to try and push the sales along. Provided you’re happy to play the waiting game and you’re flexible enough to adapt some of your criteria, you can often grab a fantastic bargain.

It just goes to show that there are plenty of ways to snap up a low-cost holiday, which helps to make things that little bit easier.

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