A Man’s Guide to Looking Good while Travelling


Too many men put too little effort into their physical appearance and this does them a great disservice. On top of aging yourself considerably, it speaks volumes about your confidence in how you present yourself to the world – if you don’t put effort into yourself, how will that reflect in your work or other aspects of your life? Chewy might seem like the kind of guy that just rolls out of bed and goes with the flow, but make no mistake, all this doesn’t just happen!

man_straightening_tieIt’s hard when you’re traveling to look like you just rolled out of GQ as the hectic pace of your itinerary or lack of amenities means whatever routine you were used to back home might have to also go on holiday. Businessmen face this dilemma all the time – do you get ready before you leave for your five hour flight to meet with a client and sit on the airplane, sweating through your awesome suit, or do you slum it and change when you arrive? The same issue goes for a pleasure holiday and while many will just say ‘meh’, I’m here to smack some sense into you.

As always, you can find great tips on Heathrow Express’s news tab, featuring style pointers for today’s globetrotter – but here’s what you can do to be as stylish a traveller as Chewy:

Dress in Layers

Want to look good but worried about sweating through your wicked dress shirt? If you have a t shirt on underneath, pop that bad boy off and stow it, gently rolled up, in your carry on. That way you can put it back on when you arrive – or if the flight is cooler, you’ll still have an extra layer on. Or, if you’re traveling for work and need a suit, just bring a garment bag and change when you arrive!

Shoes Matter

Whatever your purpose for travel, business or pleasure, people look at your shoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a prospective client or mate, don’t think the beat up old sneakers or crocs are going to impress anyone. It really doesn’t hurt to pack a pair of dress shoes depending on where you are going (a solo hiking trip, maybe not – but then again you might have a nice dinner with someone you meet after!). Even if you only wear them once or it’s only on the flight, wouldn’t it be nice to be that guy?

Accessorize Like a Pro

Don’t think of accessories as just for the ladies or the incredibly narcissistic – a man’s accessories can be functional and great looking and its often the simplistic and minimalist approach that works wonders. Like a good watch; everyone has cell phones these days but a watch is great for quick reference, doesn’t’ need an adapter and makes you look oh so mature. Same thing goes for a good looking belt and pair of sunglasses – both will come in handy when you’re traveling and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Groom and Bathe… Please

Perhaps the biggest style tip I can offer to guys is the most obvious – don’t be gross. A little stubble or even a beard is just about the manliest thing you can rock these days, particularly while traveling, but depending on the occasion and destination, you may want to be clean shaven. And as for bathing… nobody wants to be around the stinky guy, regardless of how great his adventures are or otherwise stylish he is.

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