Nobody Likes Getting Sick on Vacation


When you plan your vacation, the last thing you think (or hope) will happen is you’ll get sick. It’s right up there with losing your luggage or getting robbed – everyone knows it happens but it surely won’t happen to them, right? Only other people have that happen! You’re too smart to get yourself into a situation where you could get sick and besides, you keep yourself in pretty good health, so what is there to worry about?

Well, quite a bit.

Not to be captain buzzkill, as I’m known to be around my area, but these things happen all the time. If you haven’t gotten sick on vacation, be prepared because it’s probably going to happen next time and there is very little you can do to prevent it, as getting sick on vacation is a lot like rolling a really terrible roulette wheel. Want an idea of how it can happen? Keep reading!


1. Resorts

How can something so pretty hurt me?

A lot of people get sick at resorts and while some reasons are out of foolishness of easily preventable, others aren’t so much. For example, if you’re staying at a resort in a country or area known for not having safe drinking water, you would be best not to drink even a tiny bit of it – including the ice. There are some places that swear they only use purified water that is okay to drink, eat the vegetables and fruit that have been washed in it and yes, use the ice, but how do you really know how it will affect you or if yours was the unlucky one that got the wrong water?

In addition, many resorts have late night buffets where food is left out for hours on end for people to eat at their leisure – this is paradise for bacteria! Food on hot plates or under heat lamps for long periods of time should be avoided – order room service if you can or just don’t eat so late at night. Combine it with a significant amount of alcohol and you have the perfect recipe for a bad time.

2. Street Food

I’m always amazed at the number of people who don’t give eating street food in a strange country a second thought. Yes, it may smell great, be super cheap and probably even be recommended by a friend who just did the same trip last year, but, uh, it can still lead to bad times. Play it safe and avoid eating the strange meat on a stick outside and use the smell to inspire you to go to a restaurant of a little higher regard.

Especially in the old sex shop if it’s the good kind…

3. Clubbing

Besides being a great place for being slipped something, the same problem can face people at clubs as can those at resorts – the water. The ice in your drink may be contaminated and you won’t realize it until you realize it’s not sweat running down your leg. Also keep in mind some of the mixes they have in different countries may just not agree with you, either being too sweet or something your body has no idea how to react to.

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