Some Reasons to go for a Trip to South Korea

Among the many holiday destinations available, South Korea can truly be regarded as one of the best holiday destinations. It is in fact considered to be a perfect destination for fashion pack and the foodies. A trip to South Korea may also provide you with the opportunity to meditate in a very good Buddhist temple of the country.

Trip to South Korea

The landscapes of South Korea also look stunning. If you visit the Jeju island of South Korea then you can visit the beaches during the summer season. Again if you visit the same island during the winter then you can enjoy the snow-capped mountains here. A trip to South Korea during the cherry blossom season will surely provide you with an experience worth remembering.

If you are still not very convinced about whether you should make a trip to South Korea then you can go through points that are mentioned below:

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

If you go for a trip to South Korea then you will be able to see the Dongdaemun design plaza. This beautiful design plaza was constructed by the Zaha Hadid Architects.

Trip to South Korea

This is truly a design destination. Light up roses are installed this day in order to commemorate the independence of South Korea. It also became the most tagged location in the Instagram in the year 2015.

Seoul is the fashion hub of the city

If you want to buy fashionable items then a trip to South Korea will surely be the ideal choice for you. The clothing market of the capital city of South Korea moves at dizzying charges. It also draws the attention of the international customers.

Trip to South Korea

A trip to South Korea will also provide you with the opportunity to see the Queen Mama market. Queen Mama Market is a very recent addition to the shopping market of South Korea. The launch of this new market was covered by Vogue Korea. It has a real-life market, oversized plants and a café on the topmost floor. This café is a favorite check-in Instagram.

Sky bars

If you go for a trip to South Korea and want to enjoy the glittering city from above along with a drink then you should definitely visit the sky bars. This bar scene of Seoul definitely takes drinking to the next level. There are also high-end options attached to the hotel. You can also splash out some champagne on the garden terrace. Again you can also book a table for dinner in the popular restaurant and bar here.

Trip to South Korea

There is also a place called Hongdae where you will surely find some of the best bars and clubs of the city. Again if you go for a night out then you will also be able to enjoy some of the street foods here.


A trip to South Korea will also provide you with the opportunity to go for hiking. There are a number of mountains present here but Hallasan is undoubtedly one of the best among them. This is especially true during the winter season. A trip to South Korea will also provide you with a scope of very good adventure.

Trip to South Korea

There are a number of beautiful destinations in the world. However, making a trip to South Korea will certainly be a good choice.

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