Travel Douches Really Kill my Buzz

Super touristy… so what?

I hesitate to even write this because really, what else can be said about this topic that hasn’t already been said? I mean, we all know there are travel douches out there who think they know it all and look down on others for not travelling the ‘right’ way. There’s the super lame discussion about separating being a ‘tourist’ from being a ‘traveller’ that all boils down to semantics and just makes you sound like even more of a douche. I could give examples that show how rude and closed minded some people are and have other people write the same catalogue of responses, expressing their outrage and extolling their own sense of enlightenment for knowing the ‘truth’.

Blah blah blah… Ugh I’m getting bored just thinking about it!

Let me make one thing clear – I really don’t care about having a right way to travel for myself. I like to travel, I have my way of doing things and it makes me happy. I see what others are doing, try those different things out and then make modifications to my way – I don’t think I’m alone in this, right? I mean, isn’t that the way most people go about any aspect of their life?

Just lock it up! Ha! … I apologize…

What bums me out is seeing all these people arguing about the stupidest of things to prove themselves superior to others. Just because you choose to couch surf and do a homestay as your preferred method of travel when abroad doesn’t mean you’re any more in touch with the true meaning of travel or life or whatever it is you’re trying to do than I am. Before there were hotels or apartments to rent, most people who travelled to non-major centres stayed in people’s houses for little to no money. You didn’t invent it – stop acting like you’re better than me!

The problem is though, I do it too. I can’t help it. However, and I may be a bit biased here, I feel that when I do it, it’s not as bad as the examples I outlined above. The thing that grinds my gears is when people do a lot of travelling but it’s always to the same places. Every year they go on a trip to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or spend a few days in Las Vegas. Great as these times may be, wouldn’t it be interesting to try something different? No? Well, you know what? I’m find with that, so long as you enjoy it and you don’t get all in my face about it.

Actually, what it all comes down to is that. Do what you want – I really don’t care. Just don’t act like you’re number one and spend all your time proclaiming it, because you’re wasting your time – I already won.

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